A School In Tennessee Is Suspending Students Who Wear Jeans That Sag To School. Do You Support This? | American Overlook

I’m a grandmother, and my son was 16 years-old  when saggy pants hit the scene. It was in the early 90’s. However, in our home, the rule was “we better not see the crack of your “you know what or your underwear.”

However….saggy pants account for only one of the major wardrobe problems prevalent on the streets and in schools today. On another note, I am disappointed to see that “saggy pants” made headlines but “seductive inappropriate” outfits worn by girls and young women did not. As it seems, there is a double standard for acceptable and appropriate dress codes when it comes to Black males when compared to White males and all females. Do I think these young men should have been arrested for wearing saggy pants to school? No, not unless skin was showing. Do I like to see young men wearing pants hanging off their behinds, absolutely not! However, there is something I hate even more, and that’s hypocrisy. How on earth can somebody be appalled by seeing young Black boys and men wearing saggy pants but unbothered by seeing White males wear saggy pants and just as many girls and young women wearing scanty, tight, seductive and inappropriate clothing to school and in public? By all accounts, the knife should cut both ways and because of that, it appears that arresting these young men was an overkill and possibly racially motivated.

Inappropriate attire is not limited to Black males sporting Saggy pants…read more


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