Are Trustworthy People A Rare Breed?

The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith
The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unwelcome is an understatement; when you learn what a Moabite woman name Ruth faced in her decision to go back to her hometown of Bethlehem. There her reputation proceeded itself. When she returns the town will be talking about her and her ancestor Moab, a product of incest, born out of an incestuous act, between Lot and his elder daughter.  Gen 19: 30-38

Ruth herself had married an Israelite, causing unwarranted indignation. Words like curses, idol worship, plague and oppression, poignantly described fractions of what she had managed to survive. There would be nowhere to hide.

When Ruth’s son died, he left a wife…Naomi. Unlike marriages today, to Ruth’s surprise, this mother in-law duo would prove to be inseparable. In fact, Ruth loved Naomi as if she was her own daughter. That’s why she didn’t want her to go to Bethlehem with her. Ruth wanted Naomi to find love and happiness again, but felt that if Naomi followed her that would not happen. Additionally, returning to her own people would mean subjecting herself to scorn, hatred and all out rejection, not something you knowingly subject somebody you love too. So because of this, Ruth felt Naomi would be better off staying in Moab. Long story short, in the end, Naomi insisted on going with Ruth.

“But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”   Ruth 1:16

The message here is; bonds created by God mirror loyalty, trust and unconditional love. And when you give your life to him, He only connects you with people worthy of your trust. Though many may pass through few connect. Clearly stated; Ruth believed in the Lord, trusting him to lead her in the way He wanted her to go. However, in essence Naomi believed that “If God protected her in Moab; He would do the same in Bethlehem. In the end, Naomi’s persistence to follow Ruth turned out to be a blessing for both.

At first glance Naomi appears to be just a fragile broken beauty, too delicate to weather storms that awaited Ruth’s arrival in Bethlehem. “In Ruth’s mind leaving Naomi behind was the right and loving thing to do.” But God knows things we don’t know and would never let us leave trustworthy people He appointed in our lives behind.

Giving your life to God means surrendering to his guidance and direction. Honestly, when you have faith in God you also trust him to send trustworthy people your way. Unlike man, He always does what he says he will do, which is provide and protect us when we obey. Everybody needs somebody in their life they can trust. However to get that trust you have to be trustworthy yourself. After all how can you expect something from another you can’t give? On the other hand if you are trustworthy, God has trustworthy people waiting in the wings, they are yours for the asking.

Minister Neecy

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