“The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” Mark 12:31

“Obviously some people don’t or refuse to understand the meaning or reason for the “Black Lives Matter Movement” but by the grace of God….one day you will! For now stop confusing the meaning of “Black Lives Matter” with the “All Lives Matter” rhetoric slogan. White lives have never not mattered, while Blacks have been fighting for equal rights for decades, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt “Black Lives Don’t Matter as much” to at least half of America. True Christians know and are able to acknowledge “Black lives in America have been undervalued” since what seems like forever. We will not be silenced no matter how many counter-slogans pop-up!

Respectfulness does not mean you become a human doormat, fool or good negro. This may hurt, but the truth will set you free at some point. It’s high time legitimate Christians stop playing and start portraying what God commands us to look and act like. 

“My people, Black people that is, inclusive of family, did not slave, die march and suffer oppression, just so I could respect those and that, which does not respect me.”

We’ve been shown in more ways than one, about half of White America has no respect for people of color. I’m sorry but its true and it hurts me to say this more than it hurts you to hear it. The problem is “a large percentage of that same population has power and control over our economics, education, freedoms, and legal situations.” So, it goes without saying, respect alone, is not gonna do for us what it does for Whites. Hearing this won’t make a lot of people feel all warm and fuzzy, but it’s the truth just the same.

If you’re really a Christian you know Jesus Christ didn’t live in denial when it came to standing up for the Heavenly Father, Truth, and facts. Yet in this world that is not the case. Even so-called Christians refuse to admit or even acknowledge the epic failure of Christian’s coming to the rescue of oppressed, poor and less-fortunate people if it means rubbing their pastors, politicians, friends or some relatives the wrong way. Surely Christians know “God is not a respecter of people.”

I can’t help but wonder why so many alleged Christians would risk going to hell in a hand basket to save face “but that’s exactly whats gonna happen.” 

Newsflash, the KKK didn’t just ride off into the sunset! Christians and non-Christians know this! Some are your neighbors, bakers, gas station attendants or pastors. Essentially they prepared offspring to find new ways to infiltrate and destroy those they despise, because of the color of their skin. They now also represent teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, and yes….Police officers. 

So if you know anything about the history of race relations in America, you also know the KKK, White Supremacist, and mainstream racist wants more from us than mere respect. What they want today is the same thing they wanted yesterday: subservience, submission, control and silence in the face of racial adversity or wrongs perpetrated by them against us. For that reason we find it insulting, we’re put in a place where we’re expected to consider possible reasons why significantly more unarmed Blacks, and other races of color, fall victim to scores of murders, involving police, than any other race of people in America. Even more disturbing; this is not a conversation White Christians are having.

What do you think Jesus thinks about that?  

Now, this thing about “all lives matter” vs. “Black lives matter?” With all due respect, “White lives have always mattered in America.” White people know this! Yet, as soon as a Black person came  out with the slogan “Black lives matter” there was immediate flack and demand for equal consideration of White lives. Maybe there are some White sisters and brothers who truly don’t get it, but that’s not the case with most, they do get it. But for entertainment purposes, I’m gonna break it down in a way that even a child could understand.

Black people don’t feel like “Black Lives matter.” The reason they don’t feel that way is because of what you are about to read and see, which is only the icing on a very bitter cake.


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