Video: Seeing My Eyes Through His

Seeing my eyes through His? Are your eyes wide shut? To recognize opportunity knocking at your door you have to be paying attention. The most wonderful thing about youthfulness is that it is blind, you rarely see it coming or going. I have no shame in my game, I know things change, which is all the more reason to drink, drink while the water of life is running. Free-flowing water is opportunity knocking at your…


You are alive tonight because He lives. The Lord God will see to it that whatever you need today, this morning, afternoon, evening or night you shall have. Just don’t confuse needs with wants. God’s priorities do not take our wants into consideration unless they fit into His will. For many, this concept of shepherding may seem confusing but they need only read Philippians 4:19, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to…


When God Speaks I Listen

  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking at your own interests, but each of you to the interest of others. Philippians 2:3-4 NIV About four years ago, I belonged to a church that is considered progressive. The pastor allowed young men to deliver the sermon on youth day. I thought this was pretty cool. Not only did young pastors preach young people ran…

"When God Speaks I Listen"


When we look in the mirror it’s rare to see what God sees. That’s because our vision, thoughts, and opinions of ourselves are not his. In other words, “no matter how much we think we got it all right the possibility that it’s mostly wrong is very very real. Why do you think that is? Well, for starters we are not perfect. Yes, even perfect Patty, pretty Paula or smart Susan fall short somewhere. All…


Before This Soldier Died He Wrote This Letter

(If You Only News) shared this letter in a news article, written by a dying veteran soldier. This brave man was determined to expose the Iraq war for what it really was, honor the almost 5000 American soldiers who lost their life defending a bogus war, and expose the main two players responsible for it all!

"Before This Soldier Died He Wrote This Letter"

~ Speak to me Jesus ~

“Keep your eyes on the Lord and you’ll see forever”

"~ Speak to me Jesus ~"

Meaningless Is My Life Without The Love of God

“Without the love of God, my life would be meaningless!” I’m taking my chances with God…… Everything else is meaningless…….. Every other day I hear somebody questioning the validity of Jesus Christ. In essence, the talk is always centered around whether or not He exists. It’s usually a situation where somebody wants me to prove there is a God. They say there’s no scientific evidence, proof or reason to think a miracle worker like Jesus…

"Meaningless Is My Life Without The Love of God"

Pray Until Something Happens

[wds id=”4″][wds id=”4″] “The greatest test of faith is when you don’t get what you want, but still appreciate what you have.” Waiting on God to move is the smartest move you’ll ever make!” In the Book of John, we learn about the power of desire. Here Jesus shows us He’s willing to do the work, if we want his blessing bad enough. I love where this particular miracle takes place, because the environment is…

"Pray Until Something Happens"

A School In Tennessee Is Suspending Students Who Wear Jeans That Sag To School. Do You Support This? | American Overlook

I’m a grandmother, and my son was 16 years-old  when saggy pants hit the scene. It was in the early 90’s. However, in our home, the rule was “we better not see the crack of your “you know what or your underwear.” However….saggy pants account for only one of the major wardrobe problems prevalent on the streets and in schools today. On another note, I am disappointed to see that “saggy pants” made headlines but “seductive inappropriate” outfits…

"A School In Tennessee Is Suspending Students Who Wear Jeans That Sag To School. Do You Support This? | American Overlook"

Teacher Allegedly Asks Muslim Teen If There’s A Bomb In Her Backpack A Georgia middle school teacher asked a Muslim student an uncalled and culturally insensitive question in front of a full classroom. Sent using ShareThis

"Teacher Allegedly Asks Muslim Teen If There’s A Bomb In Her Backpack"