This is a beautiful story. Church leaders should hire Harris Rosen to teach them how to get involved in their community in ways that matter to God. Obviously they don’t fully comprehend what a disciple of Jesus is expected to do. “Study, act and then maybe you can consider yourself approved.” People want to see your face, believe you care, and look to you for encouragement and guidance, even when it’s not convenient.  That’s what people are longing for. Have you even thought about what your preacher does to fill his day when he’s not in the pulpit? I do, all the time and that’s why I’m not an active church member today. That’s also why I asked God to open doors for me to get ordained myself. You see I refuse to stay silent on issues involving false prophesy. I just can’t do it anymore.  God gave me gifts I must use to lead people to him, by any means necessary and acceptable in his sight. Whether over the internet or within church walls, his will can be done.  You are either part of the solution or a big chunk of the problem; I want to be part of the solution, even when my place is unpopular. And believe me, if you ruffle the feathers of the religious bird, you stand to become unpopular or outright rejected.

But am I any better than the Messiah, who was rejected in his own hometown? No I am not. That said, I expect it. A lot of people claim to want truth, but what they really want is to continue living a lie, simply rejecting and or disobeying God’s Word when it conflicts with their desired lifestyle or attitude about various situations in life. I’m no longer that girl!

Dear Pastor; “It’s no longer enough to just send a few church sisters to the “old folks home toting a bible” or stopping by a sick and shut-in member’s home after church. You must do more, so more will know you.” Like the people who pass by your church but never come in? And how about those who want to come but have no way to get there? They can’t fly on your private jet or ride in your fancy car; worse, nobody in the Church Body is assigned to become  fishermen of people. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Preachers and members should know people have special needs, personal struggles, as well as private poisons directly responsible for their spiritual demise. How can you stand there dumb-founded as if they don’t exist. Better yet; “what part of Jesus’ journey do you not understand?” To serve the people He became the people and then going to the people became part of his mission, which is  to save the lost. My goodness, “his sheep knew him!” And once He got their undivided attention he didn’t seduce them with promises of becoming a millionaires, nor did he make them believe they deserved to be. Instead Jesus offered to forgive them for their sins in exchange for his mercy; something no man can buy. With all that came an invitation and finally salvation and hope. The Good News back then is nothing like what preachers pass off as “Good News” today. Sadly for the lost, it seems like every denomination has a private agenda of some kind, that prevents them from doing the job God ordained them to do.

So I’m writing because I really want to know; Dear Pastor, why is this man doing your job all by himself?

He could have bought himself a jet or two, 5 or 6 luxury vehicles, a mansion like no other, but instead he elected to make somebody’s life better than it was before he became a part of it. That’s what Jesus does!

Really, why buy a private jet for yourself when you could buy church buses, that would serve as chariots for Jesus, assigned to get people to and from church?

In fact, what happened to the “church bus?” Why are preacher’s jet-setting all over the creation when their church communities are crumbling at the hands of Satan. Satan never fails to send transportation designed to get you to a bad place. He makes a way out of no way a habit. Satan is doing a better job at getting people where he wants them to be than preachers are and that’s pretty sick!?

Thank God for real humble, giving men like Harris Rosen in Florida.

Minister Denise

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