The Wedding Banquet
The Wedding Banquet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ugliest cup you could ever drink from is the one filled with bitterness. “It’s the cup of bad decisions…those do exist you know.” Though we know in every life mistakes will be made, we also know when we make our bed we have to lay in it. This hard reality is yet another bitter pill to swallow. Beds filled with bitterness are padded in disobedience, pride, self-centeredness, and haunting visions of regrets.

In the case of “The Parable of The Wedding Banquet” people co-signed on a for beds of bitterness the moment they disobeyed the King, by refusing his invitation….Have you ever been invited but decided to decline? Or did you not have time or maybe something more important was on your mind. Whatever your reason, passing up an invitation from the King is considered a grave error. It’s kind of like killing yourself; wanting to come back to life but can’t. You can’t because you only get one chance to die? Needless to say; you only get one invitation from the King, refuse it and He won’t come back in this life.

How sad it would be to get all dressed up, only to learn you took to long, procrastinated, and eventually ended up at the wrong party because you never actually saw the invitation, you just heard about it!

In the Book of Matthew, “The Parable of the Wedding Banquet” is about drinking from a bitter cup.

When I read this parable, I am just amazed by it’s powerful message. In this parable, Jesus compares “The Kingdom of Heaven” to a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son” and his guest refused to attend.

Now in order to understand the meaning of this parable, all you have to do is apply it to a real life circumstance, involving dinner guests who are invited to your home for dinner, but never come. Once you get that visual, then ask yourself; “how would that make me feel?” AN INVITATION FROM A KING?

“The Parable of the Wedding Banquet” is one of many parables, parallel to man’s life and that represent the infinite wisdom of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus wanted to reach us in the place where our tattered souls resided, no matter where that might be. Therefore He knew that using parables was a brilliant way to accomplish that.

The story begins when the King sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet, to tell them to come, but when the servants invited them they refused to come. (Like we do sometimes, they disobeyed God.)

The King didn’t give up though. After realizing no guest had arrived He sent more servants and this time, he gave the servants instructions to explain to the invitees that He had prepared His dinner: He told the servants to tell them that he had butchered his oxen and fattened cattle and everything was ready! Again, the servants were to tell the invitees to come to the wedding “one more time.” AN INVITATION FROM A KING?

However, once again the invitees refused. To make matters worse, the reasons they had for refusing were not sacred, essentially they were unimportant, insignificant and simply unworthy of refusing an invitation to a kings “Wedding Banquet Dinner.” So the King’s servants returned to him once again, and informed him that the invitees had again refused to come. Needless to say, once the King learned of the second refusal, he was furious.

(Imagine, if you had eagerly prepared special dishes, spread out beautiful tableware and adorned your home with glorious trim, laced the air with fragrant perfumes, intended just for those who have been invited. You’re excited, happy and over joy’d, that your special guest are in route. You want them to be on time, because it’s an insult to to the king and cook to be late. If you’ve ever hosted a dinner or prepared dinner for family or special guest, you know how it feels when guest are late. Think about it; “the cook has to keep warming up the food, cooling off the kitchen and refreshing the room” it can become very frustrating and daunting!.

No wonder the King was so angry. In fact, he was so angry he sent his army to destroy those who had been invited, but refused. Yes the King destroyed their whole city! See Matthew 22: 1-14

After the King’s servants destroyed the city of those who had refused to come to the King’s wedding banquet, he said to his servants, The banquet is ready, but those I invited, did not deserve to come!

The King told his servants to go to the street corners and invite anyone you find. Guess what? The servants went out to the street corner and invited people that were both good and bad. However when the King came in to see the guest, he found one man who was not wearing wedding clothes. The King asked him, “how did you get in here without wedding clothes? The man did not answer the King and was immediately thrown out into the darkness. Ah! No wedding clothes….Looks to me like God is concerned about the way we dress, inside and out. I think this parable’s telling us that we should dress up for the Lord…like; “we should be on our A-Game whenever we’re in his presence. That make sense to me…Why would we expect him to accept that we do more to prepare for the world than we do to prepare for him?  That’s why He tells us that;

“For many are invited, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22;14



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