Do You Know Who You Belong Too?


Someday’s you just don’t feel like getting out of the bed! Just thinking about what the day is about to bring, takes your breath away, but in a bad way!

When you feel like this, Satan is working overtime in your life. He’s doing everything he can to make you believe you don’t belong to God.

When you’re at your lowest, the devil is at his highest, he wants you down and out. He can’t deal with people who hide God’s Word in their hearts. That’s because the Word makes you strong, untouchable and protected by the Lord. Pray this next prayer and believe it with all your heart. Now, all you have to do is wait and watch God change things!

“No weapon, sickness or disease shall form against your body, mind or soul, and succeed at destroying you. Though they come at you from all sides, they will not prevail. The ditch they dug, will one day become theirs. Believe, today, He died on the cross so you might Live, and by his strips you are HEALED! Know He came that you may have life more abundantly on this earth.

“Again, don’t you wanna live like you’ve never lived before, free from misery, depression and pain?” I know I do! Every child of God can do so, start by praying this prayer.

He won’t let anything unclean, attack or attach itself to your body and must die, now in Jesus name. Jesus, satisfy your child with long life, joy, prosperity and peace-of-mind, so I can declare victory as mine!

“According to your will Lord, let it be, let it be, let it be.” Amen..amen..and amen!

Minister Neecy

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