English: Drunk beggar on down-town Lisbon
English: Drunk beggar on downtown Lisbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A large segment of our society won’t know what “dry drunk” means, and that’s a good thing. However, the bad thing about this label is how perfectly  “dry drunk” fit’s some Christians. You see the plain and simple definition of a dry drunk is; someone who has stopped drinking, but who still demonstrates the same alcoholic behaviors and attitudes.

That said; let’s get down to the “nitty-gritty” on how this description hits the nail on the head when we talk about fake Christian’s. All we have to do is substitute the word drunk for the word Christian. Do that and we get a “dry Christian.” Most likely he or she only changed their outward appearance to get in where others let them fit in. Initially, a lot of people get by as dry drunk Christians, because often times dry drunk Christians find their way to cleaner lifestyles, more prominent jobs or prominent positions in politics or religion, as they escape the demonic arms of alcohol and/or drug addiction. The problem with the escape is that it’s incomplete. Oh, they think they got away clean but no!  Dry Christians can spend a lifetime living a lie. Usually, people on the outside looking in are the first to know and seeing dry drunk Christians say one thing, but do another. Not living the life you preach about is not cool.

Sadly…for the church far too many people come bearing rotten fruit. In essence, the only thing they overcame was a habit…not the destructive behavior that fuels toxic living conditions. You can stop prostituting, and never stand on another corner, but if that prostitute mentality never dies, it will become a factor in everything you do. Every skill it took to prosper in that life, inadvertently gets to work in the new one. Before you know it, you stop acting like Christ. Not leaving envious, jealous and haughty spirits behind with addictive and destructive habits that almost cost you your life, is a grave mistake and guess what: God can’t and is not using you for the good. In all honesty it’s still all about you. You can’t pick up the cross with one hand and hold on to sin with the other. Picking up the cross requires two hands.

Time after time I find myself staring into eyes of a dry Christian, whose pretending to know and understand how to love unconditional, or how to reach out to those who might not want to be touched. The kind of people or so-called Christians I speak of would rather cross a street, than risk crossing your path and be forced to smile or say something kind. Heaven forbids if your presence provoked eye contact. Dry drunk Christians don’t know what it means to humble themselves, so God can use them for his will. A dry drunk Christian is oblivious to the fact that God is constantly in their ear, telling them how and where they should be, in their assignment of saving the lost, becoming an example of who He called us to be. It should never be about the money because when you believe God will provide, He will. That goes for the church and home. When you arrive at the place where God wants you,  so will divine prosperity. Begging on any level is not necessary, nor is ridicule or shaming someone into giving. The dry Christian forgets that God likes a cheerful giver…..and that he or she do more giving than taking.

Dry drunk Christian’s are a  new converts worse nightmare. The sheer essence of a dry drunk Christian’s demeanor is everything Jesus said we should not be once born-again.

Back to a drunk; most of us have at least one in the family, whether we call him or her out as a drunk or drug addict or not. The drunk or drug addict is sick, usually unwilling or unable to own up to the disease on his or her own, and hell-bent on continuing down a path of destruction. Once any chemical clouds the brain, takes control of urges, desires, and common sense, spiritual blindness follows. In other words, the drunk can’t see his or her condition for what it is….which is selfless and self-destructive.

So the plain and simple definition of a “dry drunk Christian” is a man or woman who professes to be born again, a Christian and follower of Christ, but who still demonstrates the same hateful, envious, backbiting, hypocritical, untrustworthy behaviors and attitudes they exhibited before professing salvation…..

Minister Neecy





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