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From Minister Neecy
Good morning everyone………..

What speaks to me today*♡*

How much has the thief taken from you during your lifetime? Was the door open most of the time or did he have to break in. The door is open if God is not the Head of your life. If you believe, but stumble from time to time, like many of us do…..the thief has to break in to gain access to your soul.

In other words, he has to do some work to “seek, kill and destroy.” Satan comes at night, aka…during your darkest moments; looking to catch you with your guard down, or with no guard at all. The only security system powerful enough to keep Satan out, is one powered by the Word of God.

The Good thing about living a spirit-filled life is, whatever the thief steals from you; if you intentionally seek the Lord, by reading his Word, and keeping it hidden in your heart, God can get it back, tenfold.

“Hasn’t the evil one taken enough from your life?” It’s time to arm yourself with the original anti-theft system….

Minister Neecy

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