Protecting values and thoughts is a big job these days considering the amount of garbage waiting to distort them. Sadly, over the years I’ve seen more and more evidence of “the blind leading the blind.” Those who lead seem to have various but questionable ideas that falsely suggest people have the power to determine their own destiny. Right out the gate believer’s should take issue with that perception but many do not. If you do not have an issue with this concept then perhaps you don’t believe God, or that He orders our steps in his world?

Suffering is not optional in this life, humans cannot exclusively control individual accomplishments but are excellant at creating chaos. Distorting truth and reality leads to more demise than any other act of self-destruction currently known to man. Let God in your life if you really want to change outcomes.

God tells us, the lowest will be the greatest. Essentially, when you believe in God, you have a chance to succeed in life regardless of upbringing or external influences. It’s important to understand the true definition of success to recognize when you’ve achieved it. Don’t expect that this life to be easy, Gods already told us it would not be.

Know that God is able. He will never leave you.  You can rise above your circumstances but not in His absence. Basically, you do not have the power to make things happen on your own no matter how badly you want it.

“As a believer, I know first-hand nothing good happens without God’s input.”

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