I Needed This

My sister’s been gone about a month now. Today is also her birthday and most important; I miss her like crazy! My heart is so heavy today, and even though I know why, I still can’t come to grips with the weight. The above words of wisdom crossed my path at the right time. Obviously God sent this vision and words of wisdom in the picture before me. I say that because, when I went on Bing Images to find a Birthday Quote and picture in recognition of my sister’s birthday; this is what caught my eye. So I’ll just say “Happy Birthday to my sister Phyllis, on my own.”

When I talked to my sister on the phone January 5, 2014, around 11:30am, my time, about 30 days ago; I had no inkling that would be our last conversation. She was so upbeat, positive and normal. There was no clue her last breath was in the making. RIP!

But this post is not about all that. Today I just want to say Happy Birthday, my sister. Though I’ve been with you almost 55 years, I still feel cheated. You were just snatched out of your living room……Ok, I know I have to accept however God decided to take you back, just as others will have to do for me when the time comes. This is not something I should be thinking about on your birthday. I’m sorry. Happy Birthday and RIP, my sweet sister!

Minister Neecy


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