In My Opinion the Contemporary Church Failed Youth and Elderly People


In my opinion, the church failed youth and elderly people, both populations are negatively affected by this “new school thought” on Christianity. Mature Christians are in many cases a big part of worldly, family and spiritual problems. Many youths find themselves struggling to find their footing because too many mature adults show hypocritical behavior, eventually causing young people to stumble. The days of “do as I say and not as I do” are long gone, even though some Christians did not get the memo. Many have become set in their ways, they do not understand that Young people see too many examples of the church professing to be one thing but doing the opposite. Even though I am not a new Christian I still struggle with getting a solid foothold in traditional churches. Part of the reason is that I have matured in Christ and am no longer willing to accept watered-down scripture or half-baked theology. I am also not a person to go with the things as they are just because they are most popular. I believe that in these last days it is important to stand up for the Gospel of Jesus and not adhere to biblically supported religious practices. The bible addresses every issued we meet in the world; it is up to us to seek God’s wisdom so that we can assess a situation not only practically but scriptural as well. In doing that, I have found that most arguments or debates about Christianity resolve themselves. When one knows that God says to say, do or view a matter in a different way than a man does, he or she should stand firm on the unadulterated Word even if that stand offends. The great thing about God’s Word is that it defends itself. As a Christian, if your beliefs can be biblically supported you have already won the battle.

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