Well the day is here. For some it’s happy, for other’s it’s a mixture and then there are those who feel as if this day is bittersweet. I’m one of those feeling like it’s bittersweet. The thought of my mother is sweet, as are the memories I have. But, after more than five years, it still hurts. Believe it or not, it gets worse; over the last several years it seems like death has been on a traveling slowly through my life.
If I count family and friends on board, it’s too much to bear. Slowly but surely, pillars are being taken out. We can never replace them, and in some cases various family units have been left without leaders, like those we had become accustomed to.

Within the last 7 years the following pillars have been snatched from our family. What’s frightening; the death train has picked up a new route, passing through my generation. Today I’m seeing loved one’s my age and younger erased from my life. Prior to that there was yet another vehicle assigned to haul away life before it got going good.


The list for my immediate family is heart-wrenching, and doesn’t include, our total losses collectively as family and friends, even here on Facebook.

The following list is not inclusive of everybody in my life whose gone on to be with the Lord, just those closest; of course there are many more close to those not as close to our immediate family.

41029_1377590239504_8238511_n (1)

Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandmother’s, grandfathers, aunts and uncles. More than 20, to be exact.

But, today is Mother’s Day, a day reserved for mother’s and mother-figures. I’ve lost my biological mother and a few mother-figures to.

487464_10200683006972817_588404009_n (1)

So to them, mama, my mother-in-law, ex-mother-in-law, Nannie, Grandma, Muh, and my sister Phyllis too; a pillar of our generation, I say RIP, and Happy Mothers Day..

Minister Neecy

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