For people who don’t know the “politically correct” definition of a blog; A traditional blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of (“posts”) typically displaying (the most recent post.) When blogging first hit the World Wide Web scene in the 1990’s, most blogs were created and run by a single person or small group. While those two categories of bloggers still represent the majority of blogs today; the DNA of the blogosphere has changed drastically. Today we see many professionally edited and multi-authored blogs in that pool as well. Bloggers come from all walks of life. Their topics cover any and every subject you can imagine. They are unofficially new-world-order writers.

The thing about blogging is there are really no rules of engagement. Almost anything goes, even though some professionals in the journalism industry wanna challenge that.They can’t! People like what they like and sadly for them, it’s not always what’s editorially correct. The message, tone and style of the writer or blogger, dictates whether readers come back for more. They don’t care if you have credentials or not. It appears blog readers are not respecter’s of people and are responsible for the least becoming the greatest in this industry. Gotta love it!

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer, ready to go yet couldn’t move? Or, how many times have you woke up with the perfect post content in your head, but no signs of a catchy smooth title to go along with it? Well, if you’ve been blogging for at least one day, “I’m sure you’ve been there done that” at some point in your blogging life. In my experience, and in my opinion, keeping up Christian blogs is the most difficult; because you have to decide whether to make God Head of your blog or let readers dictate your direction. No other niche or type of blog demands as much from it’s writer as the one’s God inspired. You also have to refrain from generating posts that consists of 99% bible scripture, unless your blog only provides copied bible scripture. If it is not, then you almost have to add some original wording of your own to the post.

A true Christian blog has at least one thing in common; each one is God-inspired. The other thing, “it doesn’t sway you in another direction, if the message in your post threatens to offend! However, a God-breathed blog depends on the Word for back-up, not man or on opinions of the world in general.

As a Christian blogger, the preponderance to deliver sound messages is immense, unless he or she is not really concerned about being transparent, in the Word, which should be hid in the heart. Obstructions can occur whenever the main focus of a believer’s blog is not spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ . Any post should have the feel of one that’s “God-sent.” The post should be real, exert truth, be enlightening, informational, educational, encouraging and inspiring; always under-girded by biblical principals.

Another obstruction that can arise in any type of blog is, not being able to pinpoint a specific purpose for your blog, while continuously producing content that’s compelling and relevant. If you don’t know or understand your purpose for the blog, how on earth can you make it relevant? I know my purpose, but I don’t have a niche so to say!  My purpose is to be a fisherman for Christ, help other’s find a better way of life, by coming to know they need Jesus Christ. It’s also to expose the real world as it pertains to God’s children, saved and un-saved. And last but not least, actually first; the purpose of my blog is to make people aware of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Oh, I’m sorry not all Christian bloggers know that! So, allow me to explain. Any believing blogger, inadvertently commits him or herself to always aspire to generate God-inspired post! And those post won’t always be easy to digest.That’s just the way it is. Basically, before you blog; you pray, so you’ll receive the Word; which will be crafted in a way that resonates God-sent. Everything I’ve just talked about is related to why finding a niche for a Christian blog is difficult. Now you know why so many Christian bloggers embrace broad and safe focal points when they blog.

1. What is a niche and is one necessary to use your tongue as a spiritual pen for God’s work?

A niche is an area or subject that has specific appeal to segments of individuals or groups. Keeping it simple, niches are created to target certain targets! As for me, with all that’s going on in the world today, I’m still between “a rock and a hard place” when it comes to finding a niche I’m comfortable with claiming. How did you narrow down a niche? I’ve been struggling with this “thorn in my side” for more than 5 years! Really! I just can’t bring myself to sit down and create posts void of the vision and the reality people need to have to get to a better place. Today, I know I don’t need to coin a niche for my blog; as long as I’m using my tongue as a spiritual pen to write for the Lord. He gives me daily informal niches as He sees fit. Thank you Jesus! That struggle is over.

I guess I’m saying, when I blog; my heart is my guide, it compels me to speak on things covering a broad area of concerns in the world today. That said, I can’t narrow the essence of my calling down to one single niche. And, because of that “I can’t ignore all the awful things going on in this world, so I can say I have a niche!” So, every day I end up posting an original blog piece of mine, along with several other “trials & tribulation specific” news related articles, from across the web. I do this because, as a Christian; “I can’t ignore the pain of others.”

Sometimes I find myself in tears, after reading news stories about abused children, racial hatred, crime, oppression, evilness and the like. At other times, I find I’m angry about how people seem to be getting away with causing other people pain and misery. Oh, and then my mind goes crazy, wondering why Christians are not doing more in the face of so much earthly chaos; and where are the churches in all of this? ” For the life of me, I don’t understand how so many people are able to ignore all these things.”

Well I guess it is what it is, as they say. All we can do is try and stay true to the calling and too ourselves. However, nothing in the bible suggests Jesus Christ sugar coated or ignored ills of the people. Knowing that, it’s hard to believe believer’s today think it’s okay to pick and choose, which areas of people’s trials and tribulations to address and ignore.

Can one really expect to make it to Heaven, having done nothing to recognize, address and highlight other people’s pain and suffering in this world? Again, I just don’t get it! But, I do get that blogging is another awesome vehicle to serve the Lord and fuel people with His Word. And like serving Him physically, “preaching, ministering, evangelizing or the like; Christian blogging requires the blogger to have the love of God in them too!”

When you have the love of God in you, you can’t ignore other peoples struggles, especially children. Additionally it’s not enough to just mention them in passing or collectively, as if they are incidental casualties of this world. God expects more. The people in news articles I chose to post about, are victims of modern-day spiritual warfare or under Satan‘s spell. They are your son’s, daughter’s, sister’s brother’s, mother’s, father’s and friend’s. You can act like you don’t know them if you want, but a picture is worth a 1000 words. Yes, they look just like you and me. Yet, most so-called Christian bloggers fail to recognize them at all, or even call out their names. What are you afraid of?

You may not realize it, but time is of the essence! I’m saying the time is now to live for the Master, tomorrow or next week may be too late. “Living for Him means living for them!” Them represents the misfits, unpopular, poor, weird, abused, scarred, lost, bewildered, sinners, orphaned, widowed and the like. Jesus Christ already told you; He came to save the sick. To save the sick, you have to know and acknowledge them by name or circumstance in this case.

Who are you blogging for and who are you really trying to reach when you spit out a post?

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Mark 2;17

Minister Neecy


Minister Neecy


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