Twenty years ago, whether or not to go out in public showboating a pregnant belly was pretty much a non-issue. But, “oh today.” Many mothers-to-be’s do not know what to do about that belly. Is there an etiquette in place for pregnant bellies or not? Well, I am old school, so I know my feelings contrast sharply when it comes to expecting mothers wearing clothing that expose an entire pregnant belly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking a “right or wrong” stance, rather more of a personal preference position on the subject. Pregnant belly etiquette: Whats a mother-to-be to do? Will her decision be reflected upon how she was raised? Not necessarily.

To address the subject intelligently it helps to know why things changed? Really, what is the purpose of exposing one’s pregnant belly? Some women say they do it because being pregnant is nothing to be ashamed of? Okay, I agree. Being with a child is nothing to be ashamed of but wait; what does that have to do with wearing attire that intentionally exposes a pregnant stomach? We are not ashamed of having breasts or genitals either but to most seeing them exposed in public is unacceptable. Okay, maybe these examples are different? But the same argument can be applied  Whether a pregnant woman wears a complete top or not, it will still be obvious she is pregnant. That said, what is the real reason a pregnant woman feels as though she needs to expose her belly? Is it because she can? I’m just saying…

I can tell you one thing, doing so can put those who have young kids crossing paths with naked pregnant stomachs on the hot seat. This may not be a bad thing because if nothing else it opens the door for a teaching moment. The problem is that sometimes, “explaining what an exposed pregnant belly is may not have been how a parent had planned to spend their day.”  I know what some are thinking “that is not the mother-to-be’s problem.

I had two kids. Back in the day, some maternity clothes looked like stomach drapes. I hated them, which is why I made most of my maternity clothes. Although I must admit, it never crossed my mind to throw on a tee shirt, tie it in a knot below my breast and head on out my front door amongst the public. At 60, I imagine that I would have felt like I was stark naked. However, things have changed, and I do not know if it is for the better. Maybe it’s a fashion statement, a women’s liberation proclamation or act of female independence? Whatever it is I am struggling with the concept of letting a pregnant belly hang out. Again, I am not saying it is wrong, I am just saying I don’t get it!

What’s your opinion? Do you think it is okay for pregnant women to walk around in public with a naked belly?

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