I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and with the blows of the sons of men.  (2 Samuel 7:14 NKJV)

I’ve watched “The Book Of Eli  more than a few times since it was released, because I find it so thought provoking and full of wisdom. Every year I find myself thinking about one of the many teaching moments this movie presented. Some were spiritually based and others simply addressed life’s complicated issues. I don’t know why, but I feel compelled to talk about aspects of this movie again. Since I’m a Denzel fan, it may seem like I’m a little biased, when it comes to rating his movies…but I don’t care, he played the mess out of Eli in this movie. In my opinion, “ The Book Of Eli” is one of the best bible based movies ever made. It was so deep! It was a real eye-opener, whether you’re a believer or not!”  Essentially the movie provoked us viewers to re-examine life as we know it, while entertaining it’s inevitable outcomes, both spiritual and worldly. After seeing “The Book of Eli,”  I can see clearly that the world as we know it, is not gonna end well. I  mean, how can it get any better, when people are doing everything under the sun to make it worse?

Our fate has been sealed; the believer and the non believer. When I look around me I see so much waste, contamination and destruction involving God’s earth. Don’t  you wonder what people could be thinking when they smoke up the air, pollute bodies of water or burn beautiful forests to the ground?

The Book of Eli was about the last days and how we come face to face with the fate we created as a result of not valuing gifts God gave us. This movie shows us in no uncertain terms what happens when we take spiritual and earthly gifts from God for granted. In a nutshell, we end up losing them and wishing we had them.

 Denzel Washington made a comment to a young girl in the movie that really touched me. “He told her that people before them, had taken so many things for granted; things people in their world would kill for!”  In the movie, Denzel Washington, aka Eli, was part of a new-world order where WATER was more valuable than gold! (can you imagine that)? I can! Not too long ago I vowed I’d never buy or pay for water. Today, I realize I lied. I’ve lived in several different states over the last 20 years and I can tell you “some have tap water that will make you gag it’s so awful.” That said, these truths provoked me to start buying my water. But there may come a day when I have no choice but to drink this same tap water, when bottled water prices rise higher than a giraffe’s behind. Lord knows that day is sure to come! 

The Book of Eli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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