Video: Seeing My Eyes Through His

Seeing my eyes through His? Are your eyes wide shut? To recognize opportunity knocking at your door you have to be paying attention. The most wonderful thing about youthfulness is that it is blind, you rarely see it coming or going. I have no shame in my game, I know things change, which is all the more reason to drink, drink while the water of life is running. Free-flowing water is opportunity knocking at your door. To recognize chance you must understand “brevity” of life because while you are young, fearless and foolish, taking chances is inevitable. The question is, are you taking chances that have the potential to raise you above your circumstances? If not, you need to make a pact with yourself, to only entertain risks that no matter how they end you end up in a better place. The saying “time is of the essence” is more than a cliche? It is truth, knowledge and a clue that one-day certain options will no longer exist.

Is opportunity knocking at your door but you are afraid to answer for fear of failing? Perhaps your eyes are wide shut. So, remember, “nothing beats a fail but a try!”

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