When we look in the mirror it’s rare to see what God sees. That’s because our vision, thoughts, and opinions of ourselves are not his. In other words, “no matter how much we think we got it all right the possibility that it’s mostly wrong is very very real. Why do you think that is? Well, for starters we are not perfect.

Yes, even perfect Patty, pretty Paula or smart Susan fall short somewhere.

All you need to do is take off the blinders before you look at yourself in the mirror of life. I guarantee that within seconds you’ll see the real you. Now you have to leave pride, conceitedness and hard hearts behind, then you’ll see a face or self that doesn’t look like it should. I remember when I thought there was little room for improvement of my demeanor, spirit, and attitude. You see, I am a nice person, love people and believe in God. But oh boy was I shattered when I learned that my personality, spirit, and soul had serious flaws. Stubbornness and tunnel vision can cause one to miss opportunities designed to encourage us to do a self-inventory. Tunnel vision makes it impossible to see what others see in us. Instead, we only look at that which is not too painful to watch or accept. That’s called sleeping into darkness. “SEEING WHAT GOD SEES IN THE MIRROR”

When we slip into darkness our lives cease to be worthy of blessings which are given in the light as God is not the God of darkness. If in your heart you truly want to live the life God intended to take off the blinders off; ask the Father to correct everything obstructing your vision. 

Think of it as like when people get eye exams, the part where your peripheral vision gets tested. First, the doctor tells you to look for a tiny flashing light, to the left or right. Then he asks you to tell him if you see the light flashing. Think about it? If you can only see what’s in front of you peripheral vision is impaired. When spiritual vision is impaired we suffer until the defect is corrected.

Eye doctors tend to eye conditions but God tends to the mind, spirit, and soul to correct spiritual impairments that make it impossible to look in a mirror and see yourself for who you have become.

Unlike the optometrist who works on a schedule, “the Lord is available 24/7 to correct for all of your spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Mirror: Think about it? If having good peripheral vision, were not important, God would not have made it a part of the eye-sight!”

Peripheral vision lets us see things on our blind-side…things you
can’t see from a front view. Seeing that tiny light, off to the right or left is important because it gives us an expanded view. Good spiritual peripheral vision is important, it gives us a way to look beyond the obvious or to catch a minuscule glimpse of how God sees us

God has eyes on you, He is patiently waiting for you to take a good look at what you’ve become not what you have previously seen in the mirror. Sometimes we need to do a self-inventory to see if anything about us needs to change. To change the condition of your heart & soul, you need God! He’s is the only One who can do that. Fortunately for you and me, He’s already seen what we refuse to look at. He knows the depth of our brokenness.

“Take off the blinders; see who you really are, and ask God to change you into somebody He would be pleased to see in a mirror.”

“It’s time to take your focus off other people’s shortcomings and zero in on your own in the mirror of life!”


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