SEX: 10 Reasons Why What Happened In The Garden Stayed In The Garden

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The thought “what happened in the garden stayed in the garden” came to me one day when I found myself thinking out loud, about how different and fragile so many modern-day relationships are. In essence, the  dynamics and make-up of them is totally opposite of what God intended.

I must say though, it took me a long time to truly understand the biblical  description for why marriage,  and the workings of its intimacy should be kept between husband and wife.  There is good reason “what happened in the Garden stayed in the Garden.” To understand the reasoning behind God‘s plan for men and women as marital partner’s, you must have a relationship with him first. In absence of a relationship with God;  the  significance, preciousness and need for exclusivity in commitment to one partner, seems trivial at best.

A few weeks ago I read a comment posted on Facebook that said; “it seems like so many people get divorced for trivial reasons these days.” My comment on that was; “that’s because so many people get married for trivial reasons today!”

Picture this; once upon a time women longed to be sought after, chased (so-to-speak), romanced, swept off their feet, before jumping into anybody’s bed.  And men…they were more than thrilled about fulfilling that need. In fact, the chase groomed men, as well as trained them on how to effectively subdue a woman worth fighting for, and who pinged their heart. Now this is important, because every woman didn’t get chased. Some just got what’s referred to these days as a “booty call.” Please excuse my language there, but I like to keep it real, but respectful.  The B’ call situations don’t need much work, because Satan devised that method, which simply entails  meshing steamy bodies together, to temporarily cool them down, while making them believe, the act’s  temporary gratification has the power of permanency. No doubt, he is the master of trickery!

 Back in the day when people got ‘goo goo’ eyes for each other, they put some work into making something happen. Lazy pursuer’s didn’t cut it.  And it was important to a woman to feel wanted, not just desired sexually. Even if it wasn’t the real thing; “it had to at least start off looking like, and feeling like the real thing.” Who didn’t want to experience hearts fluttering, passion;  or anticipation so intense, it rushed your body as if on steroids? This is the stuff memorable relationships are made of.  I have no regrets!

Even though B’calls are more common than we’d like to admit, they don’t hold a candle to real romance.

One of many reason’s I’m not a fan of online-dating,  is because the concept cheats you out of opportunities to look  into somebody’s eyes, read their expressions; and compare what their lips are telling you, to what their actions and facial expressions tell you. Also, you don’t see how they dress, talk, walk, and you can’t really know how their presence makes you feel. And, yes I’m sure online dating has led some to the altar.” However, at the end of the day; more walk away from online dating sites still single than hooked-up.  And that’s not the worst of it; the other problem I have with online dating  is that you have to pay… meet somebody you may not even like. Let’s not even mention the danger associated with putting yourself out there, exposed in cyberspace as a desperate, available to any “loony tune or serial killer” with access to the internet. This too is all about the Benjamin‘s and people who need Jesus.

Those sites are hunting grounds for every kind of pervert or twisted deviate you can imagine. Sadly, again you may not recognize or understand that, if you don’t have a relationship with God.

It’s very difficult to decide whether a man respects women by chatting with him through a computer screen.  Furthermore, you will never hear dating site owners tell you the total number of people who joined the service, in comparison to the number who joined and actually found soul mate’s.  That’s because the percentage who find soul mate’s is so low, that advertising it would be harmful to the company’s survival. Yet, nobody really demands that information anyway. They don’t demand it because they have allowed themselves to fall into Satan‘s web of deception. Think about it; Satan’s primary job is to “steal, kill and destroy.”

10 Reasons Why What Happened In The Garden Stayed In The Garden 

1. To get you out of the garden, Satan steals your joy, self-confidence, even causing you to suffer hurt and loneliness, along with an insatiable appetite for love and affection. Sometimes he even provokes you to satisfy that need anyway you can get it. Yet a husband (man of God that is) is commanded to leave his mother and go with you, in sickness, health, even until death. Maybe, it won’t last forever, but if it should end, and the good times outweigh the bad; you are still ahead of the game, because you did what was pleasing in God’s sight!

 2.When you begin to want a man, God wants the one you choose to have good husband potential. Just like Jesus don’t want to date you forever, He doesn’t want you dating a man forever either; or a man who you don’t see as a keeper. That’s why he gave you the perfect body, showed you how to become virtuous, able to discern, intuitiveness and made you empathetic in spirit and mind. He gifted you with  super womanly powers, capable of pleasing,  and expecting pleasure in return.  In marriage you learn the secrets of satisfying each others desires, intimately and emotionally.  God crafted and set aside potent physical pleasure secrets to consecrate every husband and wife.  Those secrets are so powerful they bear witness to achieving  maximum intimacy and longevity in marital relationships. Essentially, nobody else needs to know what you do, when you do it, or how you do it. To exploit and abase God’s gift of enjoying sexual intimacy, best reserved for husband and wife is at most abominable. I know that now.

3.You hide behind  Satan… because confronting your carnal desires would mean, you would have to go to God and surrender in prayer, risking the loss of sexual freedom.  Unfortunately what you don’t know is “becoming a slave to a man’s sexual demands is not freedom.” Keeping it in the garden, keeps unworthy people at bay….wondering, wishing and waiting; sometimes in vain; for a time with you that may never come, unless it’s God’s will. You see, if you know him, He won’t let you come to know just anybody.

4.Today people don’t seem to believe in true love, they’ve  replaced that notion with a mission to rack up as many bed partners as their private parts can tolerate. It’s all about sex today.  As a whole, women have sold out, foolishly displaying all the family jewels at first encounter, even believing that for that display of nothing so special, some man will eventually be moved to tears of ecstasy. So foolish.

5. Too bad, today, men don’t have to wonder, wish or wait, because it’s all out there, in the face, just for the asking. Explicit details of what was meant to be the most private and sensuous moments in a woman’s life, are all on public display for anybody to see or hear. What saddens me is that ….they don’t realize the damage they’re doing nor that; what we see today as sexual freedom, is actually the curse of knowledge.

6.The wrath of Adam and Eve’s actions is immense, widespread and corrosive in every generation, past, present and future. We see evidence of it in the onslaught of pre-martial sex, teenage pregnancies, pornography, sexual abuse, adultery and lewdness. The list goes on and on. We have Girls Gone Wild, Dating & Pregnant, Wife Swapping; and that’s just a few examples what happens when morals derail and  when whats left of them spin out of control. The more garbage we accept the more trash  we can look forward to taking out.

Read between the lines, there is a prolific message in knowing why: “What happened in the garden stayed in the garden.”

7.  God created Adam, the first man and later from Adam’s ribs Eve was formed to be his helpmate. The two lived in the Garden of Eden, a perfect place. God gave them free reign in the garden, with one stipulation, which was “not to eat from the tree of knowledge.” These two had a perfect life, in every way. They loved each other, were attracted to each other, got along with each other, pleased each other intimately and lived in the most beautiful place ever known to man. That place was called Eden: Eden means “delight,” so delight was Adam and Eve’s home. Everything about Adam and Eve’s life in the garden was wonderful. Adam’s only responsibility in the e garden was to keep it up;  tend to it, while God nourished and feed it. Basically he had no work load.

8. Take note, the above description gives you a visual of just how wonderful Adam and Eve had it. Nothing to want for, but everything to live for. It looks like God gave the first man and woman….freedom to choose. Stipulation….directives, or whatever you want to call it….Adam and Eve had options; do good and live happily ever after or do bad and suffer God’s fury.  They risks loosing everything, should they choose to eat even one apple from a specific tree. And the garden was full of many other trees. But the serpent made Eve believe the forbidden tree had something no other tree had, and that God was trying to keep something from her, she deserved to have. The tree of knowledge, which was forbidden, if touched, had the power to open eyes. As long as Adam and Eve stayed in the garden, didn’t eat from the tree and obeyed God, they would never come to know the evils of the world. Everything good stayed in the garden.

9. Sadly a day came when Eve was tempted by the serpent… He, the serpent, finally successfully convinced Eve,  she was missing out on something, by not eating from  “tree of good and knowledge and the tree of life.” The trickster had done overtime in Eve’s head.

I wonder why did he picked  her to coerce instead of Adam?

 Is it something about a woman that makes her easier to seduce?  In case you didn’t know, most crimes that get women incarcerated involve men, but That’s another talk show.

10. Adam and Eve set the stage for relationships or marriage as the original man and woman. Their relationship is the most important one in the world, other than the one with the Lord our Savior and Christ. Adam and Eve’s relationship negatively affected many generations to come, including yours and mine. However, there is no mention anywhere in the Bible about how they laid together, or how they expressed sexual intimacy. What happened in the garden, during intimate moments stayed there. I just cringe, when I see how obsessed this world is with “leaving nothing for the mind to imagine.” The beauty of love is having freedom to express it, exclusively, between two people who love and care about each other. That gift from God was never intended for public display, and certainly not as a vehicle for profit , to degrade or humiliate others. If you’ve read the bible, you know God left no instructions, preferences or commands, about how a husband and wife should or can pleasure each other. Additionally, the bible completely obliterates all mention of sexually explicit delineations. However, He did iterate and expound passionately about his wishes on marriage; why we should marry, what we should expect, should we choose to be permissive instead; and finally, He shows us the value and benefits of marriage.


So, here we have it. About Sex…. A husband and wife can do basically anything they want to with each other sexually, in the privacy of their bedroom, as long as it does not violate the feelings, safety or health of either. And that’s probably why “what happened in the garden stayed in the garden,” concerning “SEX” if you will! He left it that way to protect us from ourselves, knowing that if we began to parade it around, and not cherish and protect it; eventually the world would defile its firmness of purpose. That said; we have only ourselves to blame when our loose lips land us in the middle of a debate about “what’s considered acceptable or not, in the bedroom.” That’s a conversation casual people should never have. Now if you have a therapist, I guess….well I can’t get my head around that conversation either, not the specifics of love-making. I say that because, if you need a therapist because you don’t feel comfortable doing something during intimate times, you need to let your partner know. But, that’s a different kind of issue, not the one this post is about.

God’s intricate collaboration of intimately syncing man with woman is no accident. There are elements unseen proving this theory. To illustrate where I’m coming from, I’ll use an example of a woman having an allergic reaction to a feminine hygiene product of some sort, maybe in lotion form; or a man having an undesired reaction to some type of contraceptive item. What the two situations have in common is both involve applying or using man-made products, designed to alter or block a function God conceptualized. Stay with me now. Man is constantly trying to out-smart God. In this example, the woman is trying to alter the smell of her private part. The man is trying to experience sexual pleasure without the worry of creating life. But guess what, it ain’t even about that.

The example above paints a dual picture. 1. Both man and woman are working to thwart the purpose of specific body functions God gave them. 2. God didn’t create our body in such a way that we would have to do all that work to enjoy intimate pleasure. In fact, that’s why He ordained marriage; so when it’s time to play “or share each other’s love, we don’t have to jump through hoops.” The good thing is each party appreciates the other’s body and love-making. God is so smart, He even co mingled body fluids, before husbands and wives’ even met; so that when it came time for showing each other affection intimately, even their body fluids would be synchronized. God prepared and planned for every facet of man and woman’s life. For the younger couple He gave wives’ reprieves at least once a month, to pay respect in honor of “the period,” because He knew husbands just wouldn’t understand we get tired sometimes and can’t get in the mood, no matter how hard we try. But this…..they get, because during this time, we put on the greatest show on earth…Lol.  Now after a woman’s labored in the sheets for decades, the Smart One gives her rest, without putting her to sleep. It’s a new life, free of monthly flows, headaches, cramps, bloating and such. Oh I know, it’s not all perfect, because of that thing with having your own “personal summer.” We deal with it though. 

Finally, He calls home some of those old testosterone’s and hormones, that seemed to have been in overdrive since the beginning of puberty.  Basically, all parties involved slow down, whether they like it or not. You even look back and wonder “how you managed to keep up for all those years.” Even though, everybody’s sexual appetite is different, as age creeps upon us….mother nature and father time eventually catch up.  Still, after all those years…. for most; “what happened in the garden stayed in the garden.” To unlock the garden’s secrets, God gives those who accept him as Lord and Savior, discernment, wisdom and direction.

As for today, in my opinion people in search of love are just doing too much these days in return for so little. 


Do you think women today are doing too much to get or attract men?

Virtual Minister Denise Thornton


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