~ Speak to me Jesus ~


~ Speak to me Jesus ~

My prayer for today…..
“Father God, in these troubled times, be my protector.”

Help me make decisions worthy of your approval.

Make my mind not my own. Guide my feet or carry me over heavily pebbled paths.

I’m available to You, and Lord….I’m depending on You to see me through.

Lord I know I haven’t always been obedient…I’m still a work in progress!

So many times when I need you I don’t know what to say, what to think or when to call.

But today Lord, I’m stepping out on faith. I believe You know my circumstance, I know You see my heart./

Heavenly Father I need your guidance….oh forgive me; first I need Your forgiveness, because I know as sure as I’m breathing I’ve sinned.

Speak to me Jesus, my ears are perfectly perched to receive the Word. Today Lord, You have my undivided attention.

I’m tired of trying to do it my way….so very tired….

Minister Neecy

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