Suppose You Had A Crystal Ball?


Lately I’ve been thinking about how many people’s lives didn’t end up like they thought they would. That would include “yours truly.”

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining,  nor am I depressed.  In fact, I’m thankful to God, for every place this journey has taken me; that includes detours too!

Detours are reroutes! Sometimes they take longer, or take you out of the way.
Generally, people don’t like detours, because they’re unexpected and  you have to meet uncharted territory.

Not a good feeling, right?

You know what I found out? “This life is a maze of detours! Sometimes when you get detoured, you get to your intended destination, often times not.
Obviously the reason for life’s detours play a significant role in the type of detour one encounters.

Life is complicated, but beautiful. Also, it’s only as exciting as we make it, or see it. I’ve spent a lifetime making lemonade out of lemons! “That’s the secret to a happy life, and the ability to do it, is a gift from God.

“Nobody I knew had crystal balls.”

A few things people couldn’t see:
Seems many of once financially secure folk are now scraping to make ends meet. I’ve also noticed that many couples who others once admired, because they looked perfect for each other, ended up divorcing, separating or staying together out of habit. Life is a bear!

Be prepared! The longer you live the more times you’ll be surprised, shocked or puzzled, by events that take place during your lifetime.

Nobody ever imagines their life may not turned out favorable or as planned. It’s easier to take it for granted, throw caution to the wind and believe it will!

“OMG, what if we did have real-time crystal balls?”

More than likely, one peek would probably give us a heart attack or simply kill us! God knew that, so He made it impossible for us to know what the future holds. However, He uses the present and our past to prepare us for what is to come!

Struggles strengthen us. uncertainty keeps us alert, on our toes, and always expecting the unexpected. Having Faith in God, makes it possible for believers to go where there is no visible evidence dreams can come true, yet they believe they will and they do!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is out of sight. The future is uncertain, but God is the same every day. What He said He would do, He will do. That my brother and sister, includes protecting,  loving and taking care of you. Our Heavenly Father is the Ultimate Crystal Ball!


Minister Neecy

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