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Though I’ve learned many lessons through out my lifetime, none have proved to be more beneficial in my spiritual journey than this one: “Never seek carnal advice about spiritual matters, from the world, because people who doubt God will give you the wrong advice every time.”

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. (2 Tim. 4:7)”

A long time ago carrying out this mission of leading people to salvation was not as complicated, because the world had not yet ransomed morals.

Sadly today, people are also battling with spiritual arrogance, which causes conflict between man and God. Christians. No matter how much you profess to love the Lord, or know the bible; to get to heaven you must have a personal relationship with God. When you know the Lord it’s not necessary to wear a sign on your back proclaiming to be a Christian. Your walk and talk speak for you. That’s the good fight; doing battle for The Lord, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the good fight you learn that opinions are not spiritually relevant where salvation is concerned. However, truth on the other hand is not only relevant, but essential in ones walk with the Lord.

God expects us to bear witness, put truth before opinion and never ever be ashamed of the Gospel. That’s “the good fight” in a nutshell!

For Believer’s; not fighting “the good fight” is not an option; even though sometimes the good fight won’t be easy. Being a part of “the good fight” makes it impossible to ignore wrong, pacify powerful people, demean the down and out, or ignore suffering of any kind. The “good fight” also trains Christians or believer’s to keep their eyes on the prize, which will be rewarded to those who lead others to Christ, by example.

The key word here is Good!

My prayer to God is for him to put and keep me in the good fight, the right fight and in every necessary spiritual battle. I’m not concerned with obtaining memberships to carnal church clubs, or with being part of it’s click. I just want to belong to a God church that produces Soldiers for Christ.


Minister Neecy


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