Today my heart is overflowing with unspeakable joy, the Kind only God can give. Who knew a day would come when my daughter and I would have the same spiritual mindset, one capable of recognizing and acknowledging Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and head of our lives?

By coincidence this morning we engaged in conversation that lead to a testimony about a blessing. Talking about “the perfect holy spirit storm” and what a storm it was. I don’t know how it began, just how it ended and I’m so blessed to have been a part of it.

It all started when I wrapped up my weekly schedule of keeping my granddaughter’s while my daughter worked. She’s a flight attendant, so she’s usually gone for 3 or 4 days. The fact I can do this for her is a whole different kind of testimony and I don’t have time in this post to share it.

But this one today is riveting for me. You see I got to witness first hand that my daughter was all grown up, emotionally and spiritually.

Yesterday, when she was working out of town, on a flight, she text me letting me know her flight into Atlanta would be getting back too late for her to catch the last flight home. She said unless a miracle happened, there was no way she would catch that flight in time. Bottom line; in absence of that miracle, there was no way she could get home before today, which is Sunday. Also,  that meant I couldn’t go home until this evening or tonight. But none of that happened, because last night she text me again telling me she got into Atlanta early enough to catch a flight home.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering; “what’s so wondrous about any of this?” We’ll let me explain. As my daughter drove me to the Amtrak station this morning, we began to talk about how happy both of us were that she was able to come home last night. My daughter also began to unknowingly and inadvertently testify about her experience leading up to her flight home.

First, when she learned she wouldn’t be able to catch a flight home last night, she contacted a few of her close friends in Atlanta to let them know she would be staying over. Her plan was to spend the night with one of them. It would be the one who recently purchased a new home. That friend said he would put together a get-together at his new house for her and invite their closet friends. They had it all planned, down to the smallest detail, but God had other plans.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28

My daughter said she, the other two flight attendants and the pilot were all from the Midwest and that they also wanted to get on the same flight they wouldn’t be able to catch. She said during the flight, she and the crew learned they had 3 passengers on board who had to make a connecting flight out of Atlanta. This meant the Atlanta flight would have to wait to receive those three passengers. My daughter said once she got this information she was praying she would be able to get on that flight out of Atlanta to Chicago, once they landed in Atlanta. She had hope because the Atlanta flight had to wait on those 3 passengers on her flight. Once her flight landed in Atlanta, she and the crew hurried and emptied the flight, hauling butt to that Atlanta to Chicago flight; which turned out to be pulled in right next to their plane.  Unlike most days when their trip comes to a close, this time they didn’t have to run through the airport trying to catch that last flight home. Last night all they had to do was walk off the plane and head right next door. OK, so far, if you notice, during all this time my daughter didn’t mention anything about missing the party, or spending the night in Atlanta. The spirit of the Lord was on her so deep and God was showing her just what He had done.

The wondrous miracle came seconds later, when she shared that about how she realized God wanted her to come home, instead of partying in Atlanta. Her words;”if I had stayed, I would have drank  and partied and might not have felt like getting up early enough to get back home so you could get home today.  She said; I guess I’m maturing! My daughter also said she knows God gave her a gift of discernment, because now she can sense when she’s not making a good decision or when people around her don’t mean her any good.  What I found most impressive as she shared with me was, her obviously clear understanding of how people who don’t know the Lord, have the power to bring bad energy on you or to your home. To keep them out, she says she prays and accepts God’s warnings, guidance and clarity about decisions that affect her life. In return she knows God protects her and watches over her and her family.

My daughter knows what happened last night was not a coincidence or a matter of luck. She gives God all the glory and credit, knowing all too well;, had she not accepted him in her life this blessing would have passed her by. Instead, through no power, direct or intentional effort of her own, Satan‘s invite was turned down. And I’m not talking about her friends, this is about the evil one desguising  himself as help.

Think about it; in short this is how things unfolded. At  first my daughter didn’t see how she would make it in time to leave out of Atlanta last night. Second, because of that, she made other plans. Third, because of those issues; in her mind she believed there was nothing else she could do about getting home Saturday night. Four, the miracle began to take shape with three (strangers if you will) passengers on her flight, who had to make the same connection she needed to make. Five, as the drama unfolded, every stumbling block became a non-factor, like the conflicting departure and arrival times of the connecting flights. Six, once her flight got to Atlanta, that connecting Chicago flight was parked right next to the plane she was on. Seven, if that was not enough, the pilot of the Chicago bound flight had to delay his departure until those three passengers on my daughter’s plane made their connection. The unspoken here is the Chicago bound pilot could not leave without taking God’s child with him. That’s how I see it and in that order.

As I writing this post I’m listening to devotional music. Two songs have played that are so appropriate for this post that I’ve decided to include them. Enjoy!

Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,

whose hope is in the Lord his God.  Psalm 146:5




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