Why Do Many Young People Choose Death Over Life?

Reading, listening to or watching the news these days makes one think that life is not supposed to be fun. It is so depressing. So many bad things are happening. Learn why are so many young people choose death over life? Could it be that life is not all they thought it would be?

A SYNOPTIC PROBLEM RESEMBLES A Dilemma Resistant to Resolution

The Synoptic Problem: A Dilemma Resistant to Resolution
The GOP seeks to connect comprehensiveness or breadth to the President’s radical rhetoric. We could say the President is a single-point writer of insignificance, focused on convincing people that his transgressions are tied to patriotism.

You Must Accept the Storms to Receive God’s Calm

Don’t be afraid of the storm. Be afraid of not having God as your Protector. Know that God is not part of the life He is not welcome in. You Must Accept the Storms to Receive God’s Calm!

Churched Out! Lies Hurt Good People

As I matured and life took its course I begin to change my views about the church in general. After about ten years of marriage, the fairy tale began to look like one that would not have a happy ending. As fate, would have it we divorced when the kids were like 9 and 5.