Ecclesiastes 3 1-27 is one of my favorite…

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-27 is one of my favorite Bible passages, but here we’ll only highlight verses 1-8. The passage is prolifically designed to provoke readers to examine time as it relates to lifestyles, decisions, actions, behavior, and spiritual growth.

Essentially, Ecclesiastes places a period where humans would rather leave question marks. The Book encapsulates “the true meaning of life” by illuminating what it is not.

What it is not is articulated by describing end-games, consequences, and or summations.

Yes, Ecclesiastes sums up life through the eyes of Jesus, by showing us ahead of time what to expect when the time comes to look back over our lives.

That said, when are we going to realize that time is running out? Really, if nothing changes, nothing changes!

If the Lord was to come back right this moment what would be the most recent entry in your time capsule?

Pray Now

A Time for Everything

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