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Could You Live Like This Example of Less is More?

Proof tht less is more for some?
Not my cup of tea

Joel Boutin, believes that having an overabundance of material things don’t necessarily enrich one’s life, and I agree. Essentially Boutin believes that less is more?

Surprisingly, Joel backs up his position bigtime by living the simple uncluttered life he once dreamed about.

According to a newspaper article printed in the Boston Globe in 2014, [Joel Boutin lives in a 128-square-foot house built of two-by-fours on a trailer bed in the backwoods of Durham, NC.

There’s no overabundance anywhere. No running water, sewer, heat, or electricity. And he likes it that way. Can you imagine how the absence of overabundance could excite anybody? More likely than not, you can’t unless you’ve experienced the negative side of possessing an overabundance of things, people, and places to live.

Could you live like this?

This is How Joel Boutin lived in 2014

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