How to Make the Mind Body and Spirit Willing to Minister

Are you willing to associate with people of low position?

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.”

Romans 12: 15 NIV

An adoring soul combined with empathy and love makes us more mindful of other individuals’ passionate state. That said, everybody doesn’t have these endowments. To make the Mind Body and Spirit Willing to Minister, “one must be willing to associate with people of low position.”

This post is not about immigrants! Rather its about ” people who profess to be Christians while demonstrating an unwillingness to associate with people of low position.” Is that you?

Posing the question, “Are You Willing to Associate with People of Low Position?” plucks people out of their comfort zones. To answer the question honestly one must examine the essence of who they are, compared to who they pretend to be when attempting to establish a desired perception.

More or less, God does not desire for His children to act carelessly when He summons them to minister to His flock. Factually speaking, ignoring the pain of others may be the most egregious act a Christian could ever perpetrate.

Besides that, “pretending that a situation is something other than it is to avoid responding as Jesus would expect is not only sinful but disobedient as well. Being a Christian means living a life worthy of a legacy that is only possible when evidence of intentionally performing good deeds throughout one’s lifetime exists.

“Listen to Me, you who know what is right, you people with My law in your hearts: Do not fear the scorn of men; do not be broken by their insults.”

Matthew 5:11

Having an endowment of acumen gives you a capacity to perceive that which lives within. This spiritual gift is a blessing for every individual who loves the Lord because to do His will we must care about what others are going through. And that’s not all, Christians must care enough to want to do something about it!

Recognizing broken vessels is a life long work of every believer. When a believer happens upon a broken vessel he or she has already been charged to help put it back together. Not attempting to restore, through Jesus Christ leaves the heartbroken as we found them, which is not pleasing in God’s sight.

In cases of brokenness, one naturally longs to be restored to the state that God originally intended. However, to make that a reality on earth, somebody must begin the process of healing others under the guidance of the Creator. To accomplish the task it is necessary to be endowed with unconditional, unfailing, godly love for people who may not even like you.

At the end of the day, expressing unconditional love to any and everybody you meet can be challenging. For this reason, we should call on God to minister to our mind body and spirit. He is the only Source capable of driving out embolden resistance.

In Romans 12:15-16 the Apostle Paul emphasizes an urgency in sharing the burdens of each other’s sorrows and struggles, coupled with not pretending things are better than they really are. Here Paul seems to be warning people of the danger of turning their backs on people who need them most.

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