A Cheerful Heart brings a smile to your face| A Sad heart makes it hard to get through the day

A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day. An intelligent person is always eager to take in more truth; fools feed on fast-food fads and fancies. A miserable heart means a miserable life; a cheerful heart fills the day with song. A simple life in the Fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches. Better a bread crust shared in love than a slab of prime rib served in hate. Hot tempers start fights; a calm, cool spirit keeps the peace. The path of lazy people is overgrown with briers; the diligent walk down a smooth road. Intelligent children make their parents proud; lazy students embarrass their parents. The empty-headed treat life as a plaything; the perceptive grasp its meaning and make a go of it. Refuse good advice and watch your plans fail; take good counsel and watch them succeed.” Congenial conversation – what a pleasure! The right word at the right time – beautiful!  Proverbs 15: 13-23

Don’t let the smile fool you, things may not be what they seem. However, no matter what, I’ve learned to take stumbles in stride. Basically, I have a choice. I can grumble and complain about how unfair life is: or I can thank God for waking me this morning, putting food on my plate, giving me strength to do the things I need to do, a sound mind so that I can figure out what needs to be done. My smile is real, as are my tears which I hold back every chance I get, because somebody out there needs my smile more!

A smile is more than a frown turned upside down. Smiles give people less fortunate than ourselves hope.

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