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What is Your Most Memorable Never Say Never Moment?

"Never say never but some bridges you burn and others you just put behind you!"

For the purpose of this post let’s get back to more pivotal “never say never moments.” About six years ago my husband decided to change careers. He had a Masters degree in business, and was a certified addiction specialists with 25 plus years experience under his belt. However, addiction counseling ceased to be his dream job.

As it seems, “for some reason he always wanted to drive an 18-wheeler for a living.” Who knew? Okay, I did but it always seemed as though the right time wasn’t in the cards, until one day it was. In 2015 he officially became a truck driver.

We discussed keeping his addiction counseling certification, at least for a few years, until he was sure that driving a big-rig was his 2nd career calling. After the first year he said I’m not renewing my certification because I’m never going back into addiction counseling.

I said to him, what my mom used to say to me, “don’t ever say never, because only God knows what you will never do again in this life.” Mom added, “always say “if it is the Lord’s will I will never do such and such.” ‘Old school’ also used to say, “don’t burn your bridges because you never know if you’ll have to come back across!”

Well, just a few month ago my husband began to revisit the possibility of going back into the addiction specialist field. The time had come for him to attempt to cross bridges that he had burned by allowing his certification of to lapse for five years.

The fire on the bridge was when he learned that he would not only have to take classes and exams but would re-enter the field as an entry-level addiction specialist.

Saying that you will never do or have to do something again that you have no way of knowing whether you will or not can lead to future regrets. Today is a good day to jump off the “never say never” wagon!

What is Your Most Memorable Never Say Never Moment?

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