How to Recognize and Resist Trouble Disguised as Help

"Trouble disguises itself as help in more ways than one can count. It's mission and purpose is always to deceive and destroy something of significant spiritual or emotional value." Beware!

We go through life abandoning one failed god for another including the god of help in exchange for the god of trouble. The problem here is, “we rarely see the potential consequences of our actions.” We even mistake messengers of these gods of money, lust, war, restlessness and evil as our closest friends, behaving as though living without the help would be impossible. There is no better example of “trouble disguised as help” than things and people who’s actions negatively affect one’s quality of life.

Looking back over my life I can recall one of many times when I encountered “trouble disguised as help.” As it may be, the reason that this one left a lifelong mark is because of the degree of loss sustained as result of mistaking trouble for help.

It was in 2005. My husband and I had just bought a house. A few months after closing we began to receive tons of offers from mortgage companies to re-finance. When we got the first offer we had the right idea, which was don’t do it! But wait! That idea was too much like right.

Common sense told us that we should wait to take on more debt, no matter how seemingly small. Perhaps, it even made sense to build some equity, save some money and upgrade in phases. Sounds good right? Well, what should have happened didn’t, which was for us to not even open future offers to refinance.

Needless to say, we kept opening offers, while at the same time telling ourselves that we just wanted to see how much we could get if we did want to accept any specific offer.

Additionally, we let having good credit go to our head. Ignoring that to keep good credit one must manage finances accordingly and live within their means, we caved!

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