How to Recognize and Resist Trouble Disguised as Help

"Trouble disguises itself as help in more ways than one can count. It's mission and purpose is always to deceive and destroy something of significant spiritual or emotional value." Beware!

As time went by more and more offers came, each seemingly better than the last. Finally, that little voice in our head convinced us to take a leap. It repeatedly pounded the words ”get the money while you can.” You guys have good jobs, you can pay it back, is what we heard and believed.

Then we began to discuss all the things we could do with the money should we fall for the bait. The clincher was when we began to make a plan as to how we would budget to pay back the money back in installments.

Long story short, in the end we ended up losing our home because nothing about the re-finance terms was what it initially seemed. Clearly, this was “trouble disguised as help.” So, what made us prime targets? To be honest, it was more than one culprit.

Allowing a spirit of discontentedness to infiltrate the mind, body and spirit opened the door. Secondly, we didn’t pray for strength to reject “trouble disguised as help” once that door opened.

Could the reason for not praying over the matter be that we didn’t really want to hear back from God?

After all, God had already warned us upon receipt of the first refinance offer. The warning sign was in the form of a “convicted heart, coupled with a troubled conscious.” In other words, nothing about “refinancing” at such an early stage of purchasing our home felt right.”

Had we listened to the Lord’s voice instead entertaining the dark one, we would probably still be living in that house, because we loved it.

As embarrassing as this is, admittedly, “we did not listen to the voice telling us not to go forward.” Instead, we chose to work feverishly trying to justify reasons to accept “trouble disguised as help.”

When we make a conscious decision to lead a life void of prayer at a time when prayer is the only way out, we expose ourselves to many ways that “trouble disguised as help” can fool us.

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