Did You Know that Rest is Essential to a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit?

Rest is Essential to a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit?" We need rest to carry on and keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. The three work in concert.

Rest is Essential to a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit?"

Yesterday morning a dear friend texted me the following message about the importance of rest. Her daughter sent the text to her first. She said that I was in her spirit so she forwarded it on to me. Boy, the message was right on time. When I heard my phone ding, signaling that a new text had arrived I was looking out my window at the snow.

Yes, in Chicago, on 4/27/2019 it was snowing. Another thing, I was thinking about how tired I was! It was Saturday, so why on earth was I so tired? Better yet, why was I up so early seeing that I was exhausted? Could it be that I did not give myself permission to rest? Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the okay to re-energize, especially women.

Most of the time there is no rest for the weary, so take it upon yourself to be kind to yourself. ~Ministerneecy~

We need rest to carry on and keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. The three work in concert. One depends on the other to achieve optimum results. Ultimately, God designed our vessels to need rest for the following reasons. “Did You Know that Rest is Essential to a Healthy Mind Body and Spirit?”


Resting assures that you will have the strength to make it through to the end of the race rather than burning out after the first lap. In order to receive strength from God to overcome the challenging situations in your life, you must follow in His footsteps. You were created for work and worship. You were created for play and rest. You were created in the image of God, and God doesn’t do anything without purpose. Resting has a purpose! Take time to rest. The Bible says that you don’t need to worry. God has promised to take care of your every need. All you need to do is to rest in His promises. Take time to rest your physical body, and your mind and spirit will follow. The more you allow yourself to rest in God’s promises, the more He is able to transform your life. Focus on what the Word of God says, rather than on the things of the world, allows God to provide peace and rest in your life continually. Peace depends on your focus. Fix your focus on Him. No matter what you are anxious about, give it to God! He already provided you a solution for every problem you will ever encounter in your lifetime. REST in the Finished works of Jesus.

(Author unknown).

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