7 Tips for taking control of out of control anger

People can’t see beauty through words of Anger.


The most effective way to kill anger within the inner or outer person is still with kindness. Set out to win the war not the battle. Winning the war means healing that which is wounded, to eliminate paths that allow raging emotional battles to thrive and tread.

Anger wreaks havoc on the mind, body and spirit. Think about it. You use more facial muscles to frown than smile. While, merely going through the motions of turning a frown upside down feels good.

Out of control anger is a stressor, which means that it taxes one’s mind, aggravates nerves, and can even effect equilibrium. Anger can also contribute to one making mistakes, bad decisions, and using poor judgement. These results are usually due to anger’s ability to negatively affect one’s focus, attention span, self-control, physical health and mental well-being.

Anger is powerful if you give it permission to take over

Are you sick and tired of feeling angry all the time, or do you love being mad? Answering Yes to either may indicate that help is needed to get this self-destructive emotion under control. And, for the record, there is nothing wrong with needing help to annilate an evil force. Furthermore, whether one chooses professional therapy or spiritual healing is unimportant. What counts is doing something about it!

In all honesty, getting a handle on habitual, or rogue anger may not be possible by reading articles or talking it out with family or friends. Some demons are resistant to less than spiritually inclined or professional forces. You know what you need to do.


The question is will you do it?

Anger is a powerful weapon, one that usually turns on its servant. Not only that, the wrath of anger often leads to emotional or physical conflict. Emotional conflict dwells within yet erupt remotely. Long term anger exasperates, annoys others, hurts others, infuriates, and causes wounds, both self-inflicted and to others.

Consequently, the spirit of “anger” is one of Satan’s most powerful and effective tools of ruin.

Moreover, the Father can’t use angry people to carry out assignments that call for loving, compassionate people who’ve been anointed in the love of Jesus?

Nobody wants to be around a person whose always acting like they’re wearing underwear that’s too tight?

So, why would anybody want to be good at being angry? Perhaps this sounds like a stupid question, but most of us know at least one person who’s not only mad every time we see them, but also behaves as if they enjoy being that way.

On another note, how beautiful would it be if nobody in the world could say they’ve met an angry Christian? Of course, we’re not talking about an upset Christian, or one whose encountered a brief- moment of anger that they quickly debase. Every living person who’s old enough to feel an emotion has been angry over something, including “yours truly.” The issue at hand becomes whether you handle the anger or allow it to handle you? The latter way of dealing with anger indicates that the dark one is in the driver’s seat.

Thank God, “exhibiting patterns of out of control anger or inappropriate ways of displaying it was never a matter of contention for me.”  Even so, there was still room for improving my way of managing anger.  The first thing I had to do was recognize that anger in and of itself is not the problem. Instead, how one handles that emotion is what matters.

Anger manifests in many ways. It can evolve out of disappointment, jealousy, envy, impatience, absence of God, etc.

To avoid becoming a Statistic of the “spirit of anger” you must act!

7 Tips for taking control of out of control anger

  1. Take it to the Lord in Prayer. Talk to God about situations that ignite your anger.
  2. Acknowledge that you have a problem with controlling anger.
  3. Stop telling yourself that you are a kind person if you are really a mean person.
  4. Admit that the spirit of anger is causing conflict in your life.
  5. Ask God to show you how to control your anger.
  6. Make amends if possible. (Apologize to people who’ve felt the brunt for your unbridled anger).
  7. Repent!

Are you sick and tired of feeling angry all the time, or do you love being mad?

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