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Nepotism and Favoritism in the church: Where Y’all At

Nepotism in the Church: Where Yawl At?

The Church that most Christians dream about joining resembles a place where people stay in the middle of their expertise. Many lost souls have no hope, become dismayed and faithless all because they don’t know where yawl at. Nepotism and favoritism are destroying the church in plain sight.

During an online class discussion a peer, father and son shared about his lifelong struggle with depression, drug addiction and growing up without a father. That was bad enough, but he added that he cannot forgive his father for coming in and out of his life only to cause him more grief. Now in recovery, working and involved in the church the peer still finds that demons continue to haunt him.

He even said, “he doesn’t know why he’s here.” Well, it was easy enough to be encouraging, tell him that he’s here because God has a purpose for his life, and his family needs him too.

A few weeks ago, the man said that his pastor put him with some people in the church who needed his help because he knew and understood what they’re going through. It seems that nepotism may not be an issue at his church. Favortism, on the other hand, is like cancer in most churches.

When I read this, I thought to myself, “how great is that, a pastor who is in tune to his congregation’s needs, rather than in denial.”

However, my mind continued to spin. I began to think about how many times I’ve witnessed church leaders send unqualified handpicked messengers to minister to God’s people who have no clue as to what people in the group are going through.

In these cases, Nepotism and favoritism are the sole reasons for the opportunity. Really, nobody is an expert in every field especially helping people overcome destructive behaviors that cause them to stumble spiritually and mentally and emotionally.

People need to be able to envision themselves in positions other than in the pew if they have a hunger to serve. Nepotism and favoritism make that all but impossible. Where yawl at? The people get clean. Okay, they come to church dying to be of use in areas more critical than “women’s social clubs, fundraisers, selling or cooking dinners?” Why is it that seeing the bulk of people who know what people are going through is rare? Where yawl at?

So, perhaps you’re thinking, “what difference does all this make, like who delivers the message?” Well, it makes a lot of difference because people looking for deliverance from social ills that command specialized attention are wondering, “where yawl at.”

The people who know how it feels to want to end your life, should have a ministry, as should the one who got delivered from drugs? Where are they?

The yawl I’m referring to are those who swear on their life that God delivered them from drugs, depression, lying, cheating, whore-mongering and worse. That said, “the people want to know where yawl at?” Why aren’t you leading, speaking, encouraging, teaching and proving to as many people as possible by example that God saved you, brought you out of darkness to be light in another’s darkness?

Could it be that you have not been given an opportunity?

Where yawl at? We see the preacher’s son, his daughter, his wife, and other “bff’s” but where yawl at? Nepotism and favoritism may be the death of the modern-day church.

You see I know that God can, does and has? So, where yawl at? And, I’m not asking people who have been delivered where they’re at, not if they already serve in prominent positions, leading souls to Christ. Let’s be real. “There is no way that the pastor’s wife, his children, relatives, and close friends are always the best at reaching people in the trenches.

Furthermore, it’s just not right. Where yawl at?

Are nepotism and favoritism a problem in your church?

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