Top 20 Wise Old Sayings|A Blast from the Past

I woke up this morning thinking about mom and her seemingly bottomless pit of “old sayings.” She had one for almost every common situation that many people find themselves in.

Sometimes her “old sayings” came out so smooth and on point that it seemed like she had studied, or memorized a number of them the night before. But, there are some that left us scratching our heads, like when we would take too long to finish dinner.

Usually, the procrastination stemmed from the fact that we didn’t like something on the dinner plate. We’d be sitting there “fiddling around” in the plate with the fork, when all of a sudden mom would blurt out, “yawl better hurry up and eat that food!”

One of us, or sometimes all three sisters would utter in concert, “I don’t like what ever it was that was still on the plate.” Mom’s mind-boggling at the time “old-saying” to us was, “I bet you’ll eat it before it eats you?”

It would be years before the three of us sisters figured out what this one meant. You’re probably thinking why didn’t you just ask your mom what she meant? Well, we didn’t because we couldn’t. Mom’s facial expression always signaled whether it was wise to respond via question.

Long story short! This “old saying” simply meant that nobody was leaving the table until their plate was empty! Oh, mom didn’t believe in wasting food either, so you knew not to go near the trash can with food left on your plate.

Now, many “old sayings” are ethnically inspired according to where, how and who raised you. That said, I just remembered that my grandmother was no slouch in the “old sayings” field. She could whip one out in a hot second too.

What “old saying” do you remember your mom, dad or another using?


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