Suppose God treated Us as our sins deserve?

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“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”
(John 3:16, NLT)

I am so grateful that God does not treat me as my sins deserve or keep scorecards like some people I know. For all the times I disobeyed Him, doubted His word or failed to move when He said move, He still found it in His heart to forgive me. Why am I not surprised? Well, for starters the Lord evidenced His endless capacity to love unconditionally by sacrificing His ultimate Love, His Son, Jesus Christ. More likely than not, this expanse of surrender did not come about in the absence of grave torment. I say this because “no parent is prepared to outlive his or her child, nor ever consider sacrificing them for any reason.”

The Father knows His children, including what it takes to make them think, heed to the warning, surrender or repent.” Parents who have outlived a child know all too well about the “sting” of death. They also know there is no pain comparable to watching a child grow, only to see them go, by way of the dirt.

Knowing that God loves us so much that He sacrificed His Son, so everyone who believes in Him will not perish, should erase any doubt concerning His immeasurable love. Jesus did not simply die for our sins, He bore our sins, suffered and endured persecution, unlike any other human, had ever gone through.

There is no way we could ever repay Him, and fortunately for us, He paid the price in full with His blood, canceling the debt forever. In order to comprehend the gravity of what took place on the cross one must study God’s Word. The Father knew we could not save ourselves from Satan’s clutches, nor was it possible to live a life absent of sin. As it is, no matter how hard we try, perfection will never be within our reach.

This is the reason God sacrificed His one and only Son; He wanted His people to have eternal life. What an omnipotent gift, one no human deserves, yet all believers enjoy. There was a time when God’s Word was in my head but not in my heart. And although I professed to know Him, I did not. Basically, I knew of Him but had no relationship with Him. People who have a relationship with God-talk different, act different and can find ways to love those who may seem prohibitive to love. But again, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son?” 

Like the Father, Who sent His Son to die for a people worthy of death, we should note that Jesus also worked miraculous substantive miracles. People crave miracles, good things, kind words, and action. Sacrificing a child to save the life of another is the ultimate sacrifice. By all accounts, it would appear that God expects His leaders and believers to exhibit assailing acts of Christianity, in addition to talking about sinners. 

The good thing about salvation is that it has no expiration date. As long as we go to God in prayer, ready and willing to do His will, love Him with all our hearts, mind body and soul, He can work with our shortcomings. The true test of a Christian is when he or she steps out on faith, sacrifices help somebody less fortunate than themselves. Christianity is an action word.

As it seems, and from my experience, the inclination to “wait” manifests from Satan’s spirit. His main purpose in life is to seek, kill and destroy, so time is his greatest weapon. Turning back the hands of time, or stopping the hands of time for any reason that contributes to prolonging living in sin is self-destructive. The sooner one starts to turn around a life unlike Christ the sooner he or she begins to heal and become more like what Jesus wants His children to be.  

Jesus’ life, death and persecution on our behalf affirms that salvation is priceless, and more than worth the meager price we as humans have to pay. We can acquire salvation by simply accepting the Lord as Savior, repenting of our sins, studying to show ourselves approved and obeying His Word. In other words, even though walking with Jesus is not easy, it is possible and nobody is going to physically crucify or torture us for picking up the cross. The Father has given us a way out, it is called grace and mercy. The fact that God offers grace and mercy is assurance that “when” we sin, ask for forgiveness and repent, Our Father will never leave or forsake us. 


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