The Study of Theology Taught Me These Things

The Study of Theology Blows Minds

Theology, in short, is the study of God, inclusive of the life of His Son, Jesus Christ. Theology is important because it teaches us about God, His will for us and what is required in order to receive salvation. However, I am not sure that I agree with the statement “everything is theological” not if the definition of theological is the study of God?”

The study of Theology taught me these things and blew my mind. I am forever indebted to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.


Perhaps my confusion concerning the statement is a perfect example of the critical need for believers to intentionally engage in the study of theology. I am looking forward to gaining more theological clarity and direction in areas that have caused some like myself to give pause at times.

Because God’s Word is absolute, the study of Theology should be absolutely about Him, and His Word should not be taken out of context, argued in a manner that questions His authority, or cherry-picked to suit one’s personal spiritual beliefs. In order to establish a relationship with God, we must first learn about His life.

Studying the bible also teaches Theology students how to love, honor, obey and worship the Creator of all things. The study of theology is essential to the success of every Christian’s walk because it provokes those who seek Him to get to know Him personally, so that Satan cannot lead them astray, by feeding them false doctrine.

The study of Theology is very important to me because I want to hear everything God has to say about His Son, who gave His life for me. Furthermore, I want to have a thorough understanding of what it truly means to be a child of God.

I imagine that studying Theology will also reveal skeletons in our closet. Since no man or woman is perfect, studying to show ourselves approved is a life long process. As you have stated, “God wants us to live by His Word and have a good life until He returns.”

Taking that thought a step further, it seems that in order to be able to discern what is and is not a good life it is necessary to have faith in God. Faith, helps us understand the nature of trials and tribulations which are sure to come, even in a believer’s life.

When we study Theology, we not only learn what it means to be born again, we also come to realize that everything we go through has a purpose, and will inevitably make us stronger. 

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