The Margins of Society God Loves

The Margins of Society

Samaritan Woman at the Well Today I Learned

One of the most obvious approaches Jesus took to engage marginalized people was to include them into the fold as subjects worthy of receiving salvation. The second; exemplifying compassion for the lost, hurt and hopeless. Since Jesus’ main ministry and God-given mission encompassed saving souls, especially those on the “margins of society,” we should not be surprised that Jesus Christ, the Son of God does not discriminate.  From the world’s perspective “The “margins of society” are defined as people who exist (figuratively, not physically) at the edges of society. People who live outside of socially accepted norms, or who lack social power. “ Softlanding (2017)

For the sake of this discussion we can label biblical “margins of society” in two categories, “the saved and the unsaved.”

Jesus reaching out to the Samaritan woman is the ultimate example of reaching out to the “margins of society,” with unbridled and divine compassion. Furthermore, the story about the Samaritan woman delivers a powerful lesson about the possibility of finding hope in Jesus, evidenced by His handling of the Samaritan woman’s immoral transgression in a nonjudgmental manner. He did not find it necessary to tear down the woman to build her up. Sometimes humans do this in error, even in the name of Jesus.  Barr, (2009) “Jesus approaches the Samaritan woman graciously. He speaks to her with grace and gentleness even about her sin, which clearly weighs heavily upon her.” “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6: 2

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