You are a flower not a weedFEATURED

You Are a Flower Not a Weed

3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. 1 Peter 3: 3-4

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Since God doesn’t make mistakes, why are so many women trying to disfigure what the Creator has already beautifully figured? I am so sad about the massive number of women, and men too, who feel less attractive than God made them be.

To all of my sisters, Black, White, Brown, and Yellow: “You Are a Flower Not a Weed! That’s why God gave you a beautiful body capable of carrying a miraculous seed. The seed you carry can only develop from within a womb, one that only the Lord can create, maintain, and fine-tune. You are a flower, not a weed because everything about a woman satisfies a need. There is nothing physically extra that you can or must do to be a woman, mother, and lover too. The Father has provided all that is required to be beautiful, kind, loving, and true.”


Why do you believe them, and not Him?

Let’s talk about women for a minute, because her I can relate to. She needs to know that “she is a flower and not a weed.” What is the significance of this analogy? Well, for starters, weeds are not pretty, and the only purpose they serve is to choke out beauty.

Weeds can only appear or grow if nobody pays attention to them, fails to keep them at bay, or allows them to flourish in the midst of a flower. Women become weeds the second they forget that God made them as flowers.

The Bible uses many words to describe women. While some descriptions became negative after Adam and Eve committed the greatest sin ever revealed to man, that was not the case in the beginning.

In the Book of Genesis, Satan tricked Eve into believing that something was true that was not? Essentially, after Satan got in Eve’s ear, by repeating untruths in a manner that proved convincing, she started believing that God was keeping something from her that she deserved. Now, according to Genesis Eve didn’t have a problem with her looks, godly provisions, or the way of life in the garden of Eden. Her issue was not having the authority to eat from the “Tree of Life.” Ungrateful, discontent, and other words come to mind.

No doubt, not ever having eaten from the “Tree of Life” spared Eve from herself or the pain, heartache, and embarrassment that she would come to know. You see, Eve knew no shame, what being called ugly felt like, or being the butt of somebody’s “unattractive” jokes. Likewise, she wasn’t worried about pimples, breasts that were too small, too big, or flawed. The size of her butt was perfect for Adam, and so on.

The story goes a little like this: Once Eve ate from the “Tree of Life” her eyes were opened to everything that was bad, that didn’t feel good, or look good. Eve didn’t know the true price of the apple she was dying to eat.

Eve’s curse has since become a thorn in the side of every woman and has spiraled into many other self-destructive spirits. It seems as though each decade, every generation, and far too many women fall prey to Satan’s attack on God’s Creation of women. Like mother Eve, “they too have given him an ear.”

Some may take issue with my views here, but that’s okay. I just ask that you don’t take it personally, because I promise you, “I’m coming from a good place.” Not only do I mean you no harm, but I also love you, care about you, and am genuinely concerned about your physical and spiritual health. In fact, I challenge you to take a minute and look at 10-15 well-known women who’ve had significant plastic surgery and compare their features.

The most disturbing thing you’ll find is how much they look alike in the face if they’ve had cosmetic surgery in the facial and lip area. It’s astounding! There is no doubt in my mind that Satan is winning the war on destroying women’s self-esteem!

He’s doing it by telling them that they look better after butchering natural beauty away when they really don’t. The devil is a liar!

OMG! How can I put this even plainer? Let’s try this. The devil is tricking women into believing that “reinventing what God gave them will increase their chances of getting a man!” Have they forgotten that the men they seek were created to love the women that the Lord created?

There hasn’t been a plastic surgeon or tattoo artist born, nor will there ever be who can make God’s flower prettier than it already is. You can’t outdo God!

Every time he or she tries we end up with weeds!

6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8: 6

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