How to Keep a Positive Attitude Working at Home (RePost)

β€œGentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4

I’m sure most of us have learned by now that working from home does not mean you won’t encounter office drama. The only difference between office drama and that we see when working from home is “one is virtual and the other is in your face.” Virtual drama can be curtailed easier because we can not engage via comment or simply get off the page, or lastly turn off our computer.

However, even those actions are easier said than done. Believe it or not, unkind words delivered through any manner can cut like a knife. Old school used to say things like “if you can’t say something good don’t say nothing at all.” Even more sobering, “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Yesterday I ran across a a comment on an internal work from home job site. An independent contractor posted this question: “Is there anyway we can get our check early?” Most commenter’s gave fruitful advice through responses. But, one such commenter responded like this, “instead of asking how you can get your check early you should learn how to manage your money better!”

And, that was not the end. She closed by suggesting that the person asking about getting her check early, learn how to put “pen to paper” to add up her income and stop buying things she cannot afford. Of course, this harsh public comment led to somewhat of a virtual war between two parties.

I cannot honestly say I’m surprised by the level of gall the person who gave this unsolicited advice had. Frankly, this is what America has become. It seems that society has taken it upon themselves to be experts in every area of the lives of others. Yet, those same people are blind to their own short-comings. I could not help but wonder about what sort of short-comings one who is quick to use cutting words might have?

Since no woman or man is perfect, this person surely has some. Perhaps, it would have been wiser to work on his or her own faults rather than lashing out at another as though they have none.

Believe it or not, everything we go through in life is a teaching moment. We are all in this together and the majority of us work because we need the money. For most, this Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be one of the most earth-shattering events of our lives. The thing is, we don’t know whose family or friend has been touched directly by Covid 19, nor in what way. Just because we don’t have the virus does not mean the virus did not find a way to attack our family. Whether it be through loss of work, a place to live, access to medical treatment, or other economic hardships, it can be devastating.

In closing, the best way to keep a positive attitude in the midst of negativity is to search your soul, better known as the heart. Find out if your heart is in the right place when you communicate. Ask yourself, “Is their room for improvement?” If the answer is Yes! Then work on changing your attitude.

Finally, avoid posting unkind or hurtful words is to think before you type. People don’t need more problems they need more solutions! Have a blessed day!

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