Tonight I Rise

Tonight I rise! It’s been a minute since I last put out a fresh post. While I did all I could considering what I had to work with emotionally, deep down inside, to keep the momentum going. Simply put, my blog was on life-support until last night when the Lord made a way to bring it back to life.

Much has happened over the last 24 months, the most significant event, I turned 65 years old on February 11, 2022. Sixty five puts one intouc with the reality of time running out like no other age can. Bur, we’ll talk about that little fact another time.


On another note “this is the perfect moment to thank you all, my readers, for providing virtual life support to this blog during my partial hiatus!” You are so appreciated.

Last night, after I got off work, I accidentally deleted this blog! For about an hour I tried to get it back up to no avail. Finally, I gave up. I said forget it. I was too tired to deal with what happened. I told myself, “I’ll just start a new blog on a new day, at another time!”

I shut my computer off and went to bed. Then I couldn’t sleep. I looked at my cell phone and noticed an email from WordPress. The email alerted me about the deletion of “Ministerneecy/The Daily Dose. In addition, the WordPress IT rep asked if I accidentally deleted my blog? The writer said if I mistakenly deleted the blog and reply back WordPress would assist with getting me back up and running. Long story short, I replied back. I let WP know I accidentally deleted Within an hour my blog was back up!

Apparently, God is not ready for me to end The Daily Dose.

I say this because yesterday the Lord spoke to me. He told me to get back to basics, back to normal, and do his Will. In other words, God told me to start back using the spiritual gift he gave me. He said it’s time. It’s been long enough.

The last two years have been pretty rough on my psyche. Tomorrow, in part 2 of my comeback blog I elaborate. Tonight I’m too tired.

All this time I failed to capture the source of my writer’s block problem, which meant its nucleus continued to manifest in ways that threatened to snuff out the power to write.

For all this time, and until this day, knowing I wasn’t the only one adversely affected by the “P” word, and the “C” word did little to comfort and revive me. In many ways, I became my own worst enemy. I saw myself as a soldier in a war with no sufficient weapon. I say no “sufficient” weapon because now I realize God placed a weapon in my heart and head to defend my gift a long time ago. I just ignored it, didn’t pick it up!

The weapon I speak of is God’s Word, his grace, his forgiveness, his mercy, and his favor.

Until tomorrow, good night!

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