Special Prayer for God’s Help

Father, It’s been a long difficult journey. There have been times when I’ve lost sight of the big picture, eternal life. Maybe that’s because so many little things turn into humongous things, and become stumbling blocks.

I’ve been in this rat race for what seems like “all my life.” No matter how fast I run trials and tribulations seem to catch up with me.

What did I do to deserve so much pain?

You don’t have to answer that question because my heart and head would explode trying to capture and comprehend examples of You working in mysterious ways.

Today, Lord, I present myself to You, “too weak to fight, too tired to sleep, fresh out of faith.”

None of these seemingly dire circumstances have convinced me to believe they too shall pass.

Perhaps the problem is times have changed!

The good news is You are the same, “yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.”

Father, help me stand still, so I can see your will for my life. You are my only hope, nobody else can do what you can do, like mending brokenness, or fill empty vessels.

Lord, I can honestly say, no matter what I have gone through I still believe in You!

Because of you, I am able to pen this prayer, while praying for deliverance.

While my tongue may be tied, my heart speaks volumes, in a language that only You understand. I’m available to You.

There is nothing in this world that can keep me from seeking your face, searching for deliverance, and surrendering myself to You.

Please take me, just as I am, fractured from head to toe, ready and willing to acknowledge that your love is the greatest love I know.

You are my rock, my foundation, the only path to salvation. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t know what it meant to truly love myself. Amen!

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