How to keep food on the table in 2023
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They will not be ashamed in the time of evil, And in the days of famine they will have abundance. Psalm 37:19

Today my husband and I went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to make chili. Since chili ingredients were all we intended to buy I just ran in to the store alone. I was a little hungry, so, needless to say buying a few things to make a pot of chili turned into buying several bags of groceries.

While the increase in food prices was not a shock, due to inflation, the rate of increase for various core food products was absolutely shocking, especially this one. As I walked down isles looking for my chili ingredients I inadvertently filled my cart with numerous other non-chili related food items that I had no plans to purchase on that day.

For she leaves her eggs to the earth and lets them be warmed on the ground, Job 39:14

The good thing about my grocery shopping spree was that our family eats everything I put in the cart on and on a regular basis. That said, “there was one item we eat regularly that I could not bring myself to put in the cart.” And, no it wasn’t common comfort foods like pastry, potato chips, ice cream or Coca Cola either.” Instead it was eggs!

Not putting eggs in the cart had nothing to do with not having enough money to but any. In the same way, the decision had nothing to do with an instant onset of a hatred for eggs!

Famine In The Modern World

“In many parts of the world today, food supply chains are an afterthought. But, throughout Scripture, famine was not an uncommon occurrence. While the physical causes of the famines varied, the Bible indicates that God is in control, even during times of scarcity. God’s desire in bringing famine upon Israel was to gain His people’s attention in a sure-fire way—through their stomachs.”


To explain, just as I was about to pass by the yogurt shelved in the dairy section of the freezer doors, “I remembered that we needed eggs.” There was a big sign on the freezer door beside the yogurt section. It boldly advertised the store’s price for a dozen of eggs, which initially I paid no attention to. Instead, I preceded to grab the handle on the dairy freezer door to quickly snag a dozen of eggs, while simultaneously glancing at the per dozen price. Upon glancing my eyes popped! They became fixated on the price. In other words, I was sticker shocked! The price on the sign read $3.58 for one dozen, as in 12 eggs.

“For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.” John 12:8 (KJV)

Over the last couple of years the regular price of eggs at this particular store fluctuated in price from $0.79 to $1.69 on the high-end. Simply put, in my mind today, at that moment, eggs had become unaffordable. Sadly, I couldn’t help but think about how difficult it must be for single mothers, and couples raising children on low, and middle class incomes. Even worse, by all indications eggs have become completely cost prohibitive for the poor without food assistance from the government.

But, “how many of us know that this conversation is not just about eggs?” Frankly, this grocery store mission was a test! The test was to determine how important eggs are to me and my family so God could spin the story in a divine fashion. In other words, knowing the nutritional value eggs possess, if I could, would I buy them regardless of cost?

Symbolically, God was testing my conviction, my level of loyalty and devotion to a thing that seemingly became out of reach in my eyes yet readily available by the grace of God. You see, in total I spent $145 for groceries which included copious goods that I had not planned to buy. These things included some comfort foods which have no nutritional value at all? After pondering over every moment of my egg buying ordeal a previously obscured now profound spiritual lesson came to view.

The lesson revealed that I’m not so good at recognizing, evaluating, and conceptualizing true worth when it matters most. For instance, choosing to obsess over whether to spend $3.58 for one dozen of nutritious eggs while at the same time spending $140 in total at the grocery store put forth food for thought.

I soon realized the challenge had nothing to do with how I performed grocery shopping tasks. Instead, the whole grocery store adventure was about God provoking me to seriously consider what, how and why I spend his gifts. Moreover, how do I decide what or who is worthy?

God’s gifts consists of both spiritual, physical and emotional manifestations. He sees who, what and where we choose to give our all without hesitation as well as that which gives us pause. In like fashion, He sees when we decide to leave him on the shelf in lieu of making a sacrifice to do his will. Thinking about paying $3.58 for a carton of eggs felt like a sacrifice that I was not willing to make. Yet, paying $2.00 for a pack of Reese’s Butter Cups met no emotional or mental resistance. Rather the decision brought about a feeling of gratification.

Parsing Needs and Wants

And, then there were those 2 cartons of ice cream at $2.99 each? There were no questions pacing back and forth in my head, taunting me about whether or not I should buy ice cream. Actually, purchasing 2 cartons of ice cream felt like a no-brainer in my mind. Especially since I could instantly visualize slowly dipping scoops from my favorite ice cream bowl in front of the TV. Instant visual gratification! But the eggs, not so much!

So, the bottom line, “to get to the inner-nutrients of an egg requires some work.” To enjoy an impressive mouth-watering egg meal creation requires following instructions according to desired outcomes. In other words, if you purchase unadulterated product, you must make it adapt to the environment to use it. To illustrate, “you can’t just flip the egg in your mouth and eat it!” Equally important, after checking for cracks and expiration dates one must accept the product as-is, no matter what price you pay. Similar, you can’t just take out the Bible and sit it on a table or shelf for all to see. The Bible must betoken more than a conversation piece. The owner must open it, read it, internalize it and spread it’s content, the Word!

While God’s grace never expires time to repent does. Once the ability to breath ceases so does the time to repent. For this reason every believer must decide whether to sacrifice him or herself completely, regardless of the price one must pay in sacrifice. The only other choice is to keep spending all God gave you on junk food, as in worldly possession or sin.

The price of salvation is everything you have to give, which is not enough, but sufficient with God’s grace. And, “which by the way, doesn’t belong to you anyway!” You would think this known fact would make it easier to spend it all on God but no, that is not the case!

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12: 1-2

Junk food for the purpose of this writing represents things derived from living a sinful life. Junk food is remnants of false, lost hope and broken promises the world makes on behalf of Satan. Specifically, junk food is every living demonic spirit poised to end in a regretful insignificant epitaph. According to Oxford Languages Dictionary, The word “epitaph” is defined as “something by which a person, time, or event will be remembered.” the story makes a sorry epitaph to a great career.” Merriam-Webster defines epitaph as, “a brief statement commemorating or epitomizing a deceased person or something past.” Most people want to be remembered as more than a mere morsel of a person.” This exchange truly is about so much more than the eggs!

The Symbolic Prominence of Eggs According to Scripture

Another thing you may not know is that eggs have symbolic prominence in the Bible. As it stands, eggs are mentioned numerous times in specific Scripture. For this reason, we should never take an egg’s relevance for granted spiritually or earthly. “My hand has found like a nest the wealth of the peoples; and as one gathers eggs that have been forsaken, so I have gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved a wing or opened the mouth or chirped.” Isaiah 10:24

Think about it. The egg does not mysteriously appear on earth and end up in a grocery store. Before it got there it was hatched in another place and at another time. [Eggs are part of a hen’s reproductive system. When a hen reaches maturity, lighting conditions trigger hormones to start the egg laying cycle. It takes about 25 hours for a hen to create an egg from start to finish. As soon as one egg is laid, the whole process starts all over again and a new egg begins to form.] Star

How Do Eggs Get Here?

Like mortals, chickens consist of specific species. There are males and females just like in humans. Male chickens are roosters and female chickens are hens. So, if you’ve been called an old hen or accused of acting like one, picture an old female chicken to help you understand the context of the accusation. More likely than not the commenter did not intended to be a compliment. That said, apparently they don’t know the value of an old hen. She is wise! She is resourceful and knows how to get the job done. For this reason she is never taken with the eggs!

“If you come across a bird’s nest in any tree or on the ground, with young ones or eggs and the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, you shall not take the mother with the young.” Deuteronomy 22:6 Deuteronomy 22:6 

Besides, being called a form of a chicken in these last days is the least of our worries. The thing is, “a female chicken is a hen”. While both male and female chickens are chickens every chicken is gender specific.

In other words, a male and female chicken come together to spawn those eggs we love so much!

“If you come across a bird’s nest in any tree or on the ground, with young ones or eggs and the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, you shall not take the mother with the young.” Deuteronomy 22:6

As 1 Timothy 6:17 (NIV) says, you shouldn’t put your hope in wealth, but instead, “hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6: 17 (NIV)

Food shortage is not new to the world, hence the problem with the cost of eggs should come as no surprise even though “yours truly initially responded to the current price of eggs in shock.” The truth is, after calming down, and putting things in perspective, and connecting Scripture to life I saw the light. Basically, the Bible confirms that God’s people have not only been here before but have also been in worse predicaments. At least the entire world is not enduring famine but that alone is no reason to not be concerned about those less fortunate.

Worldwide the masses do enjoy access to nourishing food. But far too many do not. However, even they can take comfort in knowing that spiritual food is the one food that will never dry up. For them, God promises to award them in heaven.

Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Matthew 5:12

At any rate, by right health officials promote eggs as a super-healthy food. Web MD states that eggs are nutrient dense. What does that mean? Well, it simply means that through calories, eggs embody more nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than many other foods. According to WebMD, for starters you get the following important nutrients:

Nutrients Eggs Possess

  • High-quality protein
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorus
  • Choline
  • Vitamin B12
  • Multiple antioxidants, which help keep your cells healthy 

One egg has 6 grams of the stuff, with all nine “essential” amino acids, the building blocks of protein. That’s important because those are the ones your body can’t make by itself. The egg white holds about half that protein and only a small portion of the fat and cholesterol.” WebMD

One definition of “commodity” according to Oxford Dictionary:

  • a useful or valuable thing, such as water or time. “water is a precious commodity”

Eggs used to be both affordable, healthy and cost friendly, but not any more. Today the only thing they still are seem to be is healthy!

Who knew a day would come when eggs would become a commodity in the United States?”

Many single and middle-class mothers, and fathers have always been able to depend on eggs to save the day meal wise.

Egg Dishes That Save The Day

  • Soft Boiled Egg: Soft Boiled eggs have a firm white and warm, runny egg yolk.
  • Hard Boiled Egg: Hard Boiled eggs have a firm white and firm egg yolk.
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Fried Egg
  • Omelettes
  • Poached Eggs
  • Shirred Eggs

How Many Ways Can You Cook An Egg

“Think about it. Eggs, along with bread and milk, are staples in most kitchens, and every country on the globe has its own repertoire of egg-based dishes. The incredible, edible egg is pure protein in a small ovoid package, and there are numerous (both sweet and savory) methods to prepare this natural and versatile food.” Country Roads Magazine

Egg recipes for every occasion

Country Roads Magazine shared 100 ways to cook an egg. The fact that one source of food can be recreated in 100 or more ways solidifies the value and importance of incorporating eggs in our diets if the appetite desires and allows for safe consumption.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” This verse reminds me to consider my attitude toward money and the truth.” 1 Timothy 6:10 (NIV)

Famine: How To Keep Food On The Table In 2023

Unfortunately, keeping food on the table requires more than resourcefulness, it calls for unshakeable faith and a genuine belief that God will provide. Together with a desire to let the Lord take the wheel you will survive. In addition, one must be open to change. Understanding that situations change throughout life whether we like it or not is the first step to adapting to unforeseeable and unwelcomed circumstances. Notice, I did not use the word “unwarranted.” The word unwarranted is subjective and sometimes comes from a prideful place which God hates. Because all have sinned and fallen short, it is not our place to deem what is warranted or not in phases of suffering. During these times the Father desires that we become humble, and willing to place our trust in him and him alone.

No matter what, the Bible will fulfill itself and is doing so as we speak. You don’t need me to tell you it’s not a pretty sight. Even though we have been warned the pain people feel is real and unrelenting. It transcends through generation after generation. Each generation faces unique challenges attributed to sinful behavior and indifference to receiving the unadulterated Word in it’s undiluted entirety. This reaction should come as no surprise since Scripture prepared us for encountering indifference and resistance to accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, just as Jesus did.

Food scarcity highlights one of many social ills affecting the world at large on various scales. People mistreating others is another, and even worst, killing each other as if they have no regard for human life. Whether we admit it or not the world is spinning out of control, and resembling Babylon, a city destroyed because of her sins. We have taken so much for granted. We have white-washed so much darkness. We have turned a deaf-ear to God’s Word for fear of hearing condemning Truth. In deed, we have come to a fork in the road! And, it’s not that we don’t know which way to go! The truth is, we would rather not! But, how does that sit with God?

Jesus did not have an option to erase out his destiny but he did have an option to choose life over death. We have that option as well. No matter how crooked the road becomes God can straighten the path. Taking the easy way out never ends well. The easy way is really the hard way in slow-motion while delayed. Jesus’ manner of death, persecution and condemnation left us with a startling glimpse of what was to come in the days ahead. For the most part, following in the footsteps of evil people can only lead to demise. The end-game eclipses in eternal damnation! Essentially, in this world we will suffer but God will always make a way out of no way.

Keeping food on the table in 2023 during an inflation is not going to be easy but it is not as devastating as famine. Having to cut down is not as difficult as having nothing to cut down on. Even worse, having no way to replenish food devastates families. If you can’t afford to buy meat learn how to make tasty meatless meals.

Remember, “This too shall pass!”

Know that God always brings us out to a better place. If you didn’t know how to stretch food before, now is the time to learn. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Be creative with a little but learn how to make a little fulfilling.

Teach the children not to waste food because it’s wrong “And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.” John 6:12

  • Grocery shop at non-branded food stores like (ALDI) or equivalent, until times get better
  • Boil water for drinking water; keep it refrigerated in a large pitcher
  • Bulk buy rice, beans, potatoes, grits or other dry goods the kids will eat.
  • You may have to buy bulk Romaine noodles until times get better
  • Make grocery lists to stay on point
  • Buy hotdogs and pork n beans
  • Make meatless spaghetti and add hot dogs if the kids expect meat
  • Make meals using baked chicken thighs or leg (chicken & noodles)
  • Make oatmeal instead of trying to buy boxed cereal
  • Buy white bread until you can afford wheat again
  • Buy regular bologna to make sandwiches/ put a spin on it by lightly pan frying slices

Survival skills are godly gifts. Gladly perfecting them empowers you to provide for the family and efficiently using whatever food sources you can squirrel away. Grandmothers naturally prepared for rainy days. Some grew their own vegetables. Others did that then some, they made sure to keep dry goods like rice, potatoes, grits, corn meal, and more in the home to ward off hunger during dry periods. God made not only made them better but smarter as well.

In fact, you can use struggles to teach your children how to survive during hard times as well. You never know if or how soon in the future they may find themselves in similar situations.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

Again, by now you know that this conversation is not just about eggs?” If anything the discussion reflects upon an important godly lesson about the importance of embodying the spirit of sacrifice and gratefulness. Sacrifice is essential to salvation but showing God gratitude is equally far-reaching.

I like the following definition in Merriam-Webster for “sacrifice.”

Merriam-Webster “destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else.”

Frankly, to exhibit the presence of spiritual sacrifice absolutely requires destruction of all that displeases God! Next, true sacrifice calls for total surrender so God can work his magic making you a new creature in Christ. Surrendering something for the sake of something else? Well, to get the eggs in the grocery store I would have had to sacrifice some cash! Turns out this was something that I was not willing to do that day. At any rate, this grocery store mission was a test! The purpose of the test was to reveal how much if anything would I sacrifice to get something that I needed compared to what I would give to get something I wanted.

At the end of the day, every second of life presents some sort of test. I failed this one on the surface but aced it in the end! The essence of the test invoked the Spirit of God! He miraculously chose to spin a simple story about a grocery store experience in a divine fashion. In other words, He set off a revelation about the role the spirit of gratefulness and sacrifice play in attaining salvation.

What it the eggs that I talked myself out of buying with the money God gave me was “salvation?”

Sadly, for a moment I took God’s gift for granted and treated it as though I had the right to hold back whenever I felt like it or whenever the prize didn’t fit my expectations. But God being Who He is, all knowing, omnipotent and full of mercy, executed divine intervention!

The unspoken question posed for the test was, “knowing the nutritional value eggs possess, would you still buy them regardless of cost?”

Symbolically, God was testing my conviction, my level of loyalty and devotion to a thing that seemingly became out of reach in my eyes yet readily available by the grace of God. Readily available? For all who desire something or a thing for the right reasons, and credit the possibility to the right Being it is yours.

To sum it up, anything God has reserved for you is yours. Consequently, it is not our job to question the process or the probability that something can, will not or cannot be when God says it belongs to you. It belongs to you when you have faith that God will give you the means to make it yours. “The eggs were mine to have all the time.” The glory was his! The lesson learned was priceless. The Lord allowed me to spend $145 that I never intended to spend just to indoctrinate the power of his Word concerning faith, obedience and sacrifice.


To drive his point home God revealed how He had already provided a way to get the eggs by using numbers to prove his point. Perhaps, this method was chosen because numbers don’t lie. To my surprise, I realized that the eggs were not as important to me as I had pretended. If they were, I would have plucked the carton from the freezer shelf and kept on moving. Instead, I chose to sow confusion and confrontation to justify my position which was irrelevant.

You see, in total I spent $145 for groceries which included copious goods I had not planned to buy. These goods included some comfort foods which have no nutritional value at all? Yet, I chose to pontificate and posture over a $3.58 carton of eggs?

Choosing our battles is an essential and necessary skill that every soldier on the battlefield of the Lord requires to stay the course. Staying the course means not forever falling for the glamour, excitement and bling of carnal things in this life.

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