Meet Sheba the Troublemaker
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Sheba, a troublemaker, set out to make a name for himself by any means necessary. Obviously Sheba became obsessed with accomplishing his goal because he went so far as to ignite battle between he and King David. The battleground made famous was “Abel Beth Maacah.” Meet Sheba the Troublemaker!

The place is described as a mother of Israel, the Lord’s inheritance.  Once Sheba challenged King David he got the battle under way, pushing forward toward Abel Beth Maacah, as others joined him. Shortly after, all the troops with Joab, King David’s mighty warrior… set out to pursue Sheba under direct orders from King David.

Sheba and his followers eventually fortified themselves behind the walls of Abel Beth Maacah. In response, Joab and his men besieged him by building a siege ramp up to the city. There came a time when Joab and his men began battering the wall to bring it down. A wise woman who lived behind the walls of Abel Beth Maacah took notice of the commotion. Actually she did more than took notice…she stood on the wall,  observed and evaluated the situation by apply her precious gift of wisdom. Once she completed her assessment, she concluded that the reason behind the battle was not worth dying for. 

Her first action against the calamity, which was about to unfold right before her very own eyes ….was to stand on the wall and call out from the city 

Listen! Listen! Tell Joab to come here so I can speak with him.” 2 Samuel 20:16 

Fast forwarding, Joab came to the wise woman and she wasted no time appealing to his better judgement, which could not overshadowed if wisdom prevailed.  The woman began to explain to Joab that they were a peaceful and faithful in Israel. Then she added:

 ”You are trying to destroy a city that is a mother in Israel. Why do you want to swallow up the Lord’s inheritance?” 2 Samuel 20;19 

In essence …the wise woman presented her plight, stated her case and then proved her point …which was; “you don’t have to do this to get what you want.” Essentially the wise woman assured Joab she could deliver. What an example of unshakable faith! Joab responded; “Far be it from me!” Far be it from me to swallow up or destroy! That is not the case.

A man named Sheba son of Bicri, from the hill country of Ephraim, has lifted up his hand against the King, King David. Joab continued…”saying to the wise woman; “hand over this one man, and I will withdraw from the city.” 2 Samuel:20;21 

The wise woman had already been party to scores of people reigning in their children, gathering cattle, even securing their homes as best they could.  At that point the battle seemed inevitable. It was not yet “time to stand on the wall.”  

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