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What is Your Most Memorable Never Say Never Moment?

Nine times out of ten, "never say never moments" apply to doing something you wish you hadn't done or saying something you wish you could take back! Most if not all adults have had at least one moment such as this. Usually, when somebody utters the words, "I will never do that again, need this again, come here again, or say something like that again" they mean it, even if only for the moment!"Never say never but some bridges you burn and others you just put behind you!"~Ministerneecy~Some never say never moments are "elementary compared to others" such as "I'm never going to cut my hair again. The latter is one of mine. For the last 30 plus years, every year I've promised myself that I was going to let my hair grow down to my shoulders, like when I was a young girl. Ha ha! That pl...