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what it means to carry your own water

What Carrying Your Own Water Means

Embrace yourself. Unless you know what carrying your own water means you still have a lot to learn! Carrying your own water exposes you to the weight of life. Essentially you become connected to your inner fountain of life, which will eventually overflow like a raging river. As for your children. you will become a better parent, one that is more supportive, loving, caring, patient and more joyful.

In order to love your children unconditionally, you always need to stay full so that you will never run out out of love or become empty. Carrying your own water in this sense means trusting God to bring you out in the midst of trials and tribulations that weigh you down.

The water is not only heavy it’s also precious and difficult to pass off to another. It is your water because God prepared just for you, in the exact weight someone like you would e able to carry.

Once you are stressed out or you are carrying a lot of burdens in your heart, you will never have the chance to give yourself unconditional love. You need to embrace yourself with love and acceptance because this can also be passed on to your family. 

Forgive your parents. You should start forgiving your parents as they are human too. Nobody is perfect and people have their own imperfections. There are times that your parents will also forget about you and you will feel left out and abandoned. You just need to understand that they are not also perfect and they have a different burden to keep; that is why they cannot provide the attention and love you want.  

The Bible and world collide here when Biblical meets worldly in an effort to explain what it means to carry your own water in faith.

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