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What it means to be made in the image of God

Image of GodWhat it Means to Be Made in the Image of GodTo be made in the image of God means to be made to mirror His essence, with the capacity to be like Him but not Him. We should carry ourselves in such a way that the world sees examples of godly traits, high-morals, unconditional love, and intentional obedience.  Holiness. Each one of us has special gifts to use for edifying the Body of Christ. However, one must understand that an image is not the original; it is a model of.Examples of How God Created Man His imageMan is creative, which shows when we look at the world in which we live. Evolving from having to travel by horse and buggy to have the option of flying in airplanes is an example of using one of God’s many gifts to create. Another illustration of God cr...