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mistakes are merely teaching moments

Don’t Be Afraid Mistakes Are Merely Teaching Moments

Scripture addresses many incidents of human error. While some may have been deemed as irredeemable, they do not prohibit us from asking God for forgiveness. Don’t Be Afraid Mistakes Are Merely Teaching Moments.

Accordingly, a belief that asking for forgiveness for a particular transgression is futile is foolish.

It would be better to ask for forgiveness even if seemingly unforgivable deeds have been committed, than to not ask because you do not believe that God will forgive. Often times people engage in willful “sinful indulgence” as an excuse to not seek the Lord’s forgiveness. That’s no reason to not go to God in prayer: anybody who has sinned once willfully did so.

Nobody knows what the Father will not forgive with absolute certainty. Perhaps that’s because man’s perception is not on the same level as Gods. For this reason, we should never give up on ourselves by giving Satan control of our lives.

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