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Marriage| Why bother staying together?

Vows Matter

Marriage vows matter! In fact, they matter so much, marriage ceremonies must be recorded in a civil court to be deemed legal. Next one’s relationship with God, marriage is the next most important union.

Divorce happens but should always be a last resort, unless physical or emotional abuse of any kind exists. And, for the record, there are women who abuse husbands!

However, if you are a man or woman and your marriage is in trouble request Prayer.

Pray Now!

Consequently, if it’s all that, it makes sense to fight like “he double hockey sticks” to stay married.

Okay, back to reality. Realistically, In reality, marriage can be difficult when couples grow apart or fall out of love. Without love, there is no incentive to stay committed to one another.

Why don’t more people stop love in its tracks before it falls apart? You know like, lighting the fire again? Well, perhaps it’s because sometimes, once the fire is gone, it’s gone. Both people must be devoted enough to ride out the storm and cover each other. 

That said, there are many couples who separate or divorce and live to regret it. Yes, some people leave a mate for somebody else only to find that what they left was a gazillion time better. Sometimes they get to go back and sometimes they don’t. 

Leaving on good terms helps, but most relationships don’t end on good terms initially. Kindness, patience and unconditional love seem to diminish during turbulent emotional times. 

Its just hard to keep it together when one or both people are not committed enough or refuses to change. Because marriage does not just involve two people. These are some reasons why it is important to keep a marriage together.

Okay, since this is a test post that’s enough about marriage for today.

   Pray Now!

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