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Churched Out: Why I Left The Church

You prophets tell lies. Your lies hurt good people—I did not want to hurt them! You support the wicked and encourage them. You don’t tell them to change their lives. You don’t try to save their lives! 23 So you will not see any more useless visions or do any more magic. I will save my people from your power, and you will know that I am the Lord.” Ezekiel 13: 13-23


My mom and dad raised me, but my grandmother (dad’s mom) took us (three sisters) to church with her every Sunday. Yet here I am “churched out: why I left the church probably won’t surprise you.” Churched out: Why I left the church is about my Christian journey from the beginning. Growing up, mom and dad did not go to church regularly when we were little, but both believed in God and their parents took them to church as children. Neither stayed faithful throughout their young adult years but both came back to Jesus in later years. Oh, how familiar that scenario sounds. History is repeating itself as we speak.

This morning I find myself reminiscing about my mom and dad. They divorced after 25 years of marriage before we were of age. At that point, they went their separate ways. Mom took us to California to live, and dad stayed in Chicago, eventually remarrying within a few years.

My oldest sister and I only stayed in California for about a year. We wanted to move back to Chicago, and mom let us since dad had remarried. That arrangement changed shortly after we moved back.

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